Tower District meets demand for diverse nightlife

While Fresno remains one of the fastest-developing cities in the state, the metro area’s nightlife seemingly leaves a lot to be desired.

Many bars and clubs operate in niche categories. Downtown Clovis’ Old Town Saloon and Jimbo’s, for example, capitalize on the town’s country culture and Fresno’s Hyde & Vyne channels a more trendy or cosmopolitan demographic. There are few places in the area that offer a diverse experience beyond those that are country or cosmopolitan.

That’s where Fresno’s legendary Tower District comes in. Located North of downtown near Fresno City College, the Tower District is a social center for culture of all kinds, with each establishment offering a different experience.

If you’re ever in the mood for a Friday night out, here are venues nestled in the heart of the Tower District that make it the icon for nightlife that it is:

Fab: In a central location on Olive Avenue, the LGBT nightclub is a newer fixture in the Tower District. Fab’s theme nights are like very few, and its drag shows single the club out as the up and coming spot for time to come. There are no strangers to the dance floor and between Britney Spears tribute nights and the colorful environment, Fab is the place to be for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clubgoers.

Strummer’s: In the heart of the Tower District near the Tower Theatre, Strummers remains to be a staple in the Tower community. Because the club hosts artists from local phenomenons to national favorites, fans flock from far and wide to get a taste of its laid-back culture. The venue also hosts themed dance nights that have grown in popularity, with their ‘90s nights attracting more attention with every event put on.

Mia Cuppa Caffé: For the under-21 crowd, Mia Cuppa serves an environment as warm and inviting as its beverages, making the venue even more suitable for any occasion. The location also hosts events happening in the Fresno writing community ranging from activism-based readings to frequently occurring poetry slams.

Veni Vidi Vici: Commonly referred to as Veni’s, the bar and grill is renowned for its food and atmosphere. In addition to its large indoor bar and dance floor, Veni’s outdoor patio is iconic and ideal for summer nights out. The patio features an additional bar, dance floor, heat lamps and string lights for added ambiance.

When patrons bring their business to the Tower District, they aid the promotion of businesses that embody diversity and the arts, as well as help Downtown Fresno and surrounding areas thrive. By choosing these venues, consumers help the booming economy of small businesses in Fresno.

The Tower District goes above and beyond meeting Fresno’s demand for diverse nightlife. By continuing to support businesses like Fab or Strummer’s, students from Fresno State and beyond help the community thrive while also contributing to the burgeoning culture of downtown.