Aug 25, 2019

Vote “yes” to a better student experience

By Juan Guzman

I am writing in regards to your article “Students seek inspiration for a Bold New U” published Jan 24, 2017.

I am glad to hear that Fresno State is considering the possibility of building a Bold New Union. The University Student Union (USU) is the heart of campus. The building is highly used by students and staff. The building is never empty, as there is always something going on. From club meetings, to students grabbing something to eat, the USU seems to be used by everyone.

The USU is also the home to the Student Involvement Office, the Reservations Office, Associated Students Inc. (ASI), the Bulldog Bowl and many other great services that shape who we are as a campus.

It is a shame that the building has not gone through any major expansions since it was built in 1968, even though since then our student population has more than doubled. I am pleased to hear that studies have been made that show that we need more space for the expansion of current services and for the incorporation of new ones.

A Bold New Union would provide us with the opportunity to better the Fresno State experience and the look of our campus. It is our opportunity as students to give back to Fresno State. If we vote “yes” to this project, we are voting “yes” to more services, to a better student experience and to a better Fresno State. I hope Fresno State students vote “yes” to a Bold New Union March 28 – 30.

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