Nov 16, 2018

A Horrible Case of Writer’s Block

It’s happened.  For the past week I’ve had writer’s block.

I like to journal and I tend to be very aware of my feelings at all times.  The truth is not everyone has an interest in knowing how many times a week you want to cry or how many times you have laughed at the oddest video online.  And that’s okay, there’s a lot going on.  There are plenty of other things to talk about.  Hence the journaling.

Here’s the issue: In last seven days all I’ve managed to write is the date. 

But it doesn’t stop there.  Other than it being the MOST frustrating predicament, I’ve found this writer’s block has begun magically seeping its way into other aspects of my life.

First I was sitting in front of my keyboard hitting the backspace bar faster than I could get out any form of words for a story.  Next I struggled to grasp my accounting homework.  Last night I burned a batch of muffins.  This morning I lacked all motivation to go to the gym.

It’s discouraging because in turn I feel unproductive.  I love creating.  I genuinely like when I understand my homework.  (For the most part) I enjoy going to the gym and I prefer my muffins without a crisp burnt flavor.  But for whatever reason I’m distracted.  I’m uninspired and I’m unfocused.

And I wish I had some sort of solution to this, but I don’t.  Not yet.  It happens.  Every now and then we all go through a slump.  It’s important to try not to remain there.  I’m uninspired today.  Tomorrow I’ll seek a change of scenery.  I burned a batch of muffins today.  Tomorrow I’ll make batch of soft cookies. 

In these times of “writer’s block” we have to keep moving.  J.K. Rowling was nowhere she wanted to be when she picked up that napkin to begin writing Harry Potter, but she wrote it anyways. 
Whatever your “writer’s block” may be, keep writing.  Soon it will pass.

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