Oct 15, 2018
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Combating Senioritis

We have all self-diagnosed ourselves with senioritis one time or another in our lives whether it was our first semester of undergrad between trying to find our niche on campus and writing our easy 1,000 word papers on fracking or most recently in our last semester on the journey of obtaining our bachelor’s degrees.

If you suffered from the procrastination and laziness invoking disease as a first year, it is likely you have already redeemed yourself from any silly mistakes or poor choices you may have made and are now back on the path to wearing that cap and gown in front of a large crowd at the Save Mart Center. It is so close, just a little less than four months away, but you want to ensure you are getting the most out of the college life before you enter the real word filled with resumes, job applications, and resumes.

I am with you. The last three and a half years have been the best of my life. I’ve made great friends, had awesome experiences, and found who I am while in college, but we can’t lose track of why we’re here. We came to learn, pursue our passions, and ultimately make the world a better place for ourselves and also those who will come after us. We cannot do those things, though, if we don’t complete our final semester. It’s so close, yet so far away and because of the nature of it’s importance and sense of accomplishment, we need to finish strong. With that, these are my tips to help combat the ever-lurking senioritis:


  • Make to-do lists


We all have a lot going on between completing our assignments, remembering when to bring a bluebook, applying to graduate school, going to work, and getting our workout in, and sometimes it is just too much to keep track of. Take one day at a time. Make a to-do list for things you need to do by tomorrow, or even the end of the week. Some may choose to write their list in a planner, organized by due date, but even that can become stressful. Focus on what you need to do now to make your tomorrow a little easier. Keep your to-do list handy and go back to it to make sure you are getting done what you need to and honing in on what still needs to be done.

  • Keep a countdown til graduation day

Just 109 days left. We got this. Sometimes it is easier to focus on a big event when we know how close or far away we are. We are very close, so whether you download an app on your phone to Countdown the days until we hear the graduation song or mark X’s on your calendar, do something to remind yourself just how close you really are to becoming an alumn.


  • Prioritize


This is obvious, but important to note because prioritizing does not just mean only focus on school. We need to take breaks from our assignments and studying to just watch Netflix or go out with our friends or even catch up on sleep. School comes first as that’s why we here in the first place, but don’t forget to take care of yourself or have a social life. Grades are important, but not as important as our mental health. Set aside time to finish your papers, but treat yourself to a nice hike or a night on the town. You’ve made it this far. You deserve it.


  • Think of the big picture


Remember why you’re here: to get your degree so you can pursue your dream job. We have to finish the last semester strong, so we can start the next chapters in our lives. One semester in comparison to the rest of our lives is nothing in the grand scheme of things. We have to push ourselves to do the best we can in this final semester and then we are done. I’ll say it again, then we are done.


  • Believe in yourself


You got yourself this far, and you can make it until the end. Times get tough and classes all have assignments due the same date, it seems, but we have been doing this for years. Even when it seems like it is just too difficult or you don’t want to do it, just do it. You have overcome much adversity in college and nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goals. Believe that. Believe in yourself and in no time, that diploma will be in your hands as a reminder of just how hard you worked.


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