Dec 13, 2018
The Dog Pound cheering on the Fresno State football team at Bulldog Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016. (Khone Saysamongdy/ The Collegian)

Letter to Jim Bartko

It would be hard to disagree that this is not an exciting time in Fresno State athletics, specifically for Bulldog Football.

New coaches. New players. Plans for a newly improved stadium underway with a potential new name.

We are on board with all the changes backing our Bulldogs 100 percent.

As part of the Red Wave, we are rooting for Jeff Tedford to bring in elite student-athletes you call “Dog Wired Dudes” to win championships. We are all for it considering we could, in the near future, be watching the pride of our Valley in a modernized stadium that has witnessed many defining moments in Fresno State’s history.

There is hope that Fresno State football will get back to the days of winning records and championship games, but the facts are that as we continue to rebuild, so do other programs in our conference and across the nation. Tedford is not some magician who can redeem us from our worst season in school history in just one year.

Factor in the opponents of the 2017 schedule, football operations and marketing have their work cut out for them.

Next year will be no walk in the park for the Bulldogs, traveling to Tuscaloosa to take on Alabama (top ranked until dethroned by Clemson in the national championship) and facing the Huskies in Washington (who gave Alabama a run for their money in the semi-final). As history has taught us, the score is likely to be a bit lopsided in favor of the opponent.

Not to mention the difficulty of getting bodies in the chairs when hosting Incarnate Word (wait, who?), and overcoming the skillset of Boise State’s wideouts coached by our former interim head coach, Eric Kiesau.

We are looking forward to a new stadium, the Tedford era and cheering on the newest additions to our Bulldog family.

The road ahead won’t be easy, but we are with you and stand by your plans for the future of Bulldog Football.


The Red Wave

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