Oct 16, 2018
Members of Fresno State intramural sports at the Student Recreation Center. (Courtesy of Student Recreation Center)

Fresno State intramurals back in season

Fresno State kicked off the spring semester with leagues for male and female students. The intramural program offer a host of activities aimed at promoting exercise and social interaction.

“Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to continue to play sports that they love,” intramurals sports coordinator Dominiqic Williams said. “A lot of people will meet one another through intramurals, especially if you don’t have a team.

Williams said that students can sign up as a free agent and have the opportunity to be placed on a team and meet other people.

Williams added that many players met for the first time during intramurals and go on to play on other teams together.

“Some of them are going to be playing together for indoor soccer, so that social aspect is definitely one of those things we’ve been pushing,” Williams said.

The more popular sports offered this year are 5-on-5 basketball along with 6-on-6 indoor soccer. Softball and ultimate Frisbee are also being offered to students. Along with sports leagues, Fresno State is also setting up multiple tournaments throughout the spring semester.

“For our tournaments we have a 3-point shootout, three separate billiards tournaments, badminton, pingpong and the March Madness brackets,” Williams said.

Michael Nzambi, a senior, said he had never done intramurals before but would definitely give it a try and also said the social interaction was important to him.

“I’m interested in intramurals this semester, preferably basketball,” Nzambi said. “The fact that you can get together with people that you don’t know and just get together and play is exciting.”

Students have two options to sign up for the either the tournaments or the sports leagues. The first option is to download the app “REC*IT.” Students can sign up for teams, search for sports to play and also communicate with intramural staff. The other option is to go to the “IMLeagues” website ( where students can find a more interactive layout.  

The cost is $20 to create a team, while joining a team is free of charge. Along with intramural rules and regulations.

Signups for intramural sports opened Jan. 9 and end Feb. 10 for all sports leagues.  

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