Celebrities come out of the woodwork for Women’s March

Post-inauguration, millions of people around the world came together to march against President Trump and in support of LGBT rights and organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Among those millions of people were celebrities, and I’ll admit, that as a pop culture junkie, I peeked at the Instagram compilation of celebrities there in support of women’s rights.

Some of the celebs there were a given, anywhere from fervent Hillary Clinton supporters like Lena Dunham and America Ferrera, to actresses like Emma Watson and Amy Schumer.

While, some weren’t in attendance, they offered words of support. An example of which is Taylor Swift. Swift tweeted in support of the march, but was nowhere to be seen. Known for her mostly squeaky-clean image, it could be thought that Swift’s opinions in regards to the election and our president were silent to protect her music career.

However, part of Taylor’s brand revolves around that of “girl power” – so where was she when the rubber met the road?

Many speculate that she uses the marquee of feminist girl power only to sell albums, but doesn’t actually support any activist causes or protests against controversial subjects.

Though I am a Taylor Swift fan, I am curious as to why she doesn’t actively participate in things like the Women’s March. To build her brand upon feminism, especially after shutting down misogynistic reports about her dating life, and then not see her showing out is disappointing. 

I’m not saying that Swift has to be a one-woman feminist machine, but it would be nice to see her backing up her words for once. To be on the frontlines of a movement so progressive as the march is scary, but a celebrity of her caliber shouldn’t be afraid of the consequences.

Amber is on Twitter @shutupambs