Approved motion ensures equal opportunity on campus

Fresno State’s Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) approved a motion on Dec. 1 to adopt the Academic Senate Resolution in Support of Campus Diversity and Freedom of Expression, which was passed at its final meeting of the Fall 2016 semester.

The item was proposed by ASI President Tim Ryan and Executive Vice President Blake Zante after University Communications released the resolution earlier that day. The Academic Senate resolution was released to members of the campus and community and stated the following:

“WHEREAS learning and student success can only occur in an environment where students can feel safe to focus on their studies without fear of intimidation, assault, or forced removal;

“WHEREAS experiencing diversity in the California State University, Fresno community helps students learn tolerance, understanding, mutual respect and cooperation in society;”

The resolution also states the information is available to the students and employees of the university. A number of factors were addressed to support the two points stated in the introduction.

The resolution indicated the Academic Senate wishes to fully preserve the tolerance of campus diversity within the educational institution, meaning that everyone will have the equal right to express their varied viewpoints without it having a negative effect on any student.

It demands that “no student ever be intimidated, assaulted, or forcefully removed from any part of the campus due to their citizenship status, belief, or personal identity.”

The resolution also encourages Fresno State President Dr. Joseph Castro and CSU System Chancellor Timothy P. White to establish a process for campus staff who are approached by federal agencies with requests for personal information involving and staff member or student. The CSU system plans to preserve its established guidelines on the personal information obtained by staff and students.

It ask that the university “resist and refuse such requests where they lack a clear purpose consistent with the goals of democratic public institutions of higher education.”

The resolution now adopted by both the Academic Senate and ASI, is aimed at ensuring all students having equal opportunities to succeed at Fresno State, regardless that their backgrounds.