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Serial groper suspected to be Fresno State student

Deandre Jean-Pierre was arrested Friday on charges of sexual battery on suspicion of being the serial groper attacking women near Fresno State.

The 23-year-old senior communication and theatre arts major and a former Timeout mascot, was released from Fresno County Jail early Saturday morning after posting bond, according to the Fresno Police Department.

At the end of November, the Fresno Police Department warned students about an apparent serial groper who had struck at University Village and Plaza Apartments near Fresno State.

At that time, the police department believed the suspect was involved in at least four reported cases, although in recent weeks six females have reported being inappropriately touched by an unknown male. Since then, two more reports have surfaced.

(Deandre Jean-Pierre/The Collegian file photo).

(Deandre Jean-Pierre/The Collegian file photo).

In the first event, on June 15 at University Village, the suspect approached the victim as she was walking to her apartment. He had his hoodie pulled up as he ran up to the victim and grabbed her buttocks. The suspect then fled northbound through the parking lot, police said.

On Oct. 23 at 7:50 p.m. at Plaza Apartments, the suspect approached the victim while she was on her cellphone. The suspect grabbed her breast. The victim was able to flee. The suspect chased her to her friend’s apartment where he fled east through the complex toward the pool, police said.

The same day, seven minutes after the first assault, the suspect followed another victim into Univeristy Village after she entered the complex. When she reached the bottom of her stairs, the suspect pushed her to the ground and reached under her dress and grabbed her vagina over her underwear. The victim turned around and the suspect stood facing her for a moment and then fled north across the courtyard, police said.

On Nov. 13 at 10 p.m. at Plaza Apartments, the suspect followed the victim as she walked to her apartment from the carport. As she went up the stairs, she heard the suspect approach her quickly. The victim stopped to see who it was, and the suspect grabbed her buttocks. The suspect then tried to wrap his arms around the victim, but she was able to kick him away and scream for help. The suspect ran southbound toward the carports, police said.

Jean-Pierre is a member of Onyx, a club which was created to ensure that Black Men at Fresno State graduated with proper skills, mannerisms and professionalism, according to the club’s website.

Jean-Pierre was also a part of the play, “Hands Up: 7 Playwrights. 7 Testaments,” which was inspired by the events in Ferguson, Missouri, and the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Fresno State said it would have no comment on pending criminal matters.

  • Marika Lenette

    From what I am reading, it states that this is just an allegation. Which is why I am flabbergasted at the fact that you all are blasting his image all over social media and school. Not only does this make him a target but it is tarnishing his name and reputation. I know for a fact he was attending the NAACP conference in Sacramento on October 23rd 2016. If it took me just a short 3 minutes to see the image posted on their Instagram @fresnostatenaacp page from that day I’m sure it could have taken you just the same amount of time to do some decent research. You obviously know how to do so since you spent so much time looking up his organizations and affiliations on campus as a way to tarnish their reputations too. I just ask that you all think before you write. I understand it is public knowledge however where was this same passion when a student on campus raped a goat? There was no allegations there. If you’re going to report people who do crimes please report all crimes.

    • Amatuer Photography

      Anyone up for slander 101. Defamation of character.

  • Nicole

    WOW! We’ve had convicted sexual offenders attend our school. Hell! We had a student who fucked a goat attend our school and that made actual news. You have NEVER posted their photos or information about all the organizations they’ve been in. Why would you do this to a student who hasn’t even been convicted? Troy Pope, we took journalism classes together. You know better. This is disgusting. You are a joke of a journalist. This makes me sick.

    • Amatuer Photography

      You are correct. These are allegations. This is why I believe that no one’s identity; victim or accused should be released until a verdict team. Signed
      Duke Lacrosse Team

      • Nicole

        The DA hasn’t even filed charges yet and this journalist is sayin “The suspect approached the victim…” The editor of this paper knows damn well that ALLEGEDLY needs to go in there!! Hell!! The term ALLEGATIONS should be in here from the jump!! I know that the editor knows all of this! What I don’t understand is why he would choose to abandon his journalistic integrity and put this young BLACK college student at risk by omitting the proper language and posting all of his info, despite the fact that the DA hasn’t even gotten involved yet?! This boy has been ACCUSED of a crime, not convicted.

        I smell a law suit brewing and the REMOVAL of this Editor and his team.