Apr 18, 2019

Amphitheater may not be dead after all

Thank you for the great article on the Fresno State Amphitheater.

The Amphitheater is a historic part of Fresno State that has welcomed politicians, musicians and comedians over the years. As Fresno State has evolved and grown, our student needs have also developed.

You are also correct in recognizing the challenges with the Amphitheater, which include its proximity to classrooms, noise issues, no ADA accessibility and the lack of a PA sound system. However, the Amphitheater still has a strong potential to be revitalized.

The plans for the Bold New Union include re-imagining the Amphitheater to be incorporated into the design of the new facility. The hope is to revamp the current Amphitheater space and create a synergy between the outdoor space and the potential Bold New student union.

While planning is still underway and is ultimately dependent on the outcome of the referendum, which the students will vote on March 28-March 30, the Bold New Union and Amphitheater could provide numerous opportunities to enhance campus life.

The retooled Amphitheater could host nationally touring acts, activists and comedians, but also bring many new opportunities for community engagement.

For instance, the Amphitheater could serve as an ideal location for already established events like the Taste of Culture, Vintage Days, Homecoming and Bulldog Wednesday.

The re-imagined Amphitheater also brings new opportunities for student performances, outdoor movies, graduation ceremonies, theatrical performances and a new social gathering place.

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