Dec 14, 2018
A finished DIY Christmas tree.

DIY holiday tree that won’t break the bank

Christmas music has been playing on Soft Rock since November 10th, but now that the Thanksgiving has officially come and gone, I think it’s safe to say that the holidays are officially here!

The thing I’ve come to miss the most about the holiday season is being home with family to set up the Christmas tree.  Trees are expensive! And if you live on your own the expenditure isn’t worth it.

For those of you that are holiday fanatics like myself, you may really want to have a tree of your own without hurting your wallet. I’ve done a bit of research and found a DIY way to create a Christmas tree entirely out of lights. 3/3 of my roommates love it!

Christmas Tree made from Lights and Homemade Ornaments

What you’ll need:

  • String lights (I used Wondershop pearl lights which you can find at Target for $9.99)


  • Command Strips (I had these leftover from when I lived in a dorm room, but I found something similar at Target for $3.99)


  • Tape and a Pencil


  • Homemade Ornaments (These are ornaments that were made for my mom a while ago, and were passed down to me).


Begin draping your lights in the shape of a tree, taping up the corners as you go up and use all of the lights.  Start wide at the bottom and end with a point at the top.  Once you’ve taped the lights in the shape of your liking, mark the points with a pencil.  

Remove the lights from the wall and place your command strips where you marked the wall with your pencil.  Hook the lights into the command strips to recreate the tree you designed.

Place your ornaments on the string for a finished tree! In total you’ve spent less than hour and less that $20 on a keen tree!


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