Jun 16, 2019

The Spirit of Holiday Feasting as Told by Joey Tribbiani

Thanksgiving is around the corner and who better than to show you how to prepare for time spent with friends and family, feasting than the Sandwich King himself, Joey Tribbiani.

  1. Sometimes it’s okay to play with your food.



If it means terrifying your friends.  It’s totally worth it.

  1. Dress not to impress but to eat.


Maternity pants? Pah! You mean Thanksgiving pants.  

  1. Don’t be afraid to set goals for yourself.


Some people concur Everest, others turkey.  You do you, and you OWN it.

  1.  If it’s your friend’s first time cooking a holiday feast, try to be supportive.  Even if it tastes rank.


There’s always a silver lining.  

  1.  Pace yourself.


Because there is nothing worse than a post feast tummy ache!

  1. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much you feast.  All that matters is being surrounded by those you care about. image03
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