Aug 22, 2019

Twitter announces Vine will be clipped

Last week, Twitter announced it will be discontinuing its looping video app, Vine.

Vine has created job opportunities and made internet celebrities out of average people since its release in 2013 but has had a recent decline in popularity. Fresno State students share their thoughts about Twitter’s decision.

“I’ve heard of it, obviously, but I’ve never actually used it. So it really doesn’t have an impact on me.” Estrella Rios, 18


When it first came out, I did use it just to watch the videos, but never posted. Now I deleted it off my phone, I don’t have it anymore, so it really doesn’t affect me.” Analisa Acosta, 18


“I’ve never really used Vine, so it really doesn’t affect me personally, but I know that it was successful.” Denis Yevdash, 19


I did hear about it on Twitter. Everyone was retweeting famous/popular vines everyone knows about, and they were hashtagging “RIP VINE.” I think it sucks because they’re funny, and I think that it’s cool it’s only six seconds, so you don’t have to sit through so much footage.” Gabriela Gonzalez, 18


“I actually used to use Vine several years ago and I think Twitter is going to absorb Vine and make it part of their own because they own Vine. Vine has been going downhill since Instagram introduced videos to its application as well as Snapchat. Those two have been more popular.” Reymar Sarmiento, 26


“I think for people that really did use it, they invested a lot of time in it. That’s probably what’s going to make people the most mad or resentful.” Luis Sanchez, 18


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