Oct 15, 2018
A Fresno State student looks over her school schedule on Oct. 25, 2016. (Khone Saysamongdy/The Collegian)

Are you ready to register?

As the fall semester ends, Fresno State students prepare for spring semester registration.

“During the registration period, students are trying to get into their classes and usually succeeding,” said Ellen J. Klute, associate registrar for admissions and records. “The most important thing is the period leading up to registration.”

Students are notified three weeks before registration week, reminding them to clear their holds, make an appointment with their adviser and more.

“It’s always a good thing to have regular advising appointments,” Klute said. “In some of the college [departments], they do both the major and the general advising.”

Heavening Lealofi, a freshman, said visiting her adviser made her better understand the registering process and classes.

“My first time [registering] was stressful,” Lealofi said. “Now I have a little bit better understanding [on how] to be prepared.”

Students can find their registration appointment date as well as register for their classes on MyFresnoState.  

Although students are given a registration appointment, in order to register they must be clear of holds.

“This semester there have been two sets of emails that have gone out,” Klute said. “The hold that’s on most students’ account is the violence training refresh hold [and] a lot of the continuing students are not aware [of it].”

Klute said some students think the Haven violence training module that was required last semester and the training this semester are the same, making students think they do not have to complete the current training.

“The students have to do a refresher,” Klute said. “It doesn’t take that long, but … I’d say half of our students still have to do that refresher training, and it can take up to 24 hours for that hold to be removed.”

If students have holds, they will not be able to register on their appointment day and have to wait until their hold is clear.

“It’s very important to register on your registration appointment day when you’re trying to get your classes to graduate,” Klute said. “I just wish that I could encourage every student to register during their registration appointment day and time.”

Manuel Chavarria, a freshman, said because there are other students who want to enroll in the same courses as him, he will be registering on his appointment day.

“A lot of time these students wait until the last minute, and there’s always an issue – something pops up,” said Monica Acosta, registrar for the division of continuing and global education.

Chavarria said he is prepared to register, however, he thinks the registration process is difficult.

“I still find [registering] a little bit confusing because I have all of these classes picked out, but then I don’t really look at how much credit they have and so I either don’t have enough or too many [units],” Chavarria said.

Klute said to make the registration process smoother, students can use the Schedule Planner option, located in the Student Center on MyFresnoState.

The Schedule Planner allows students to choose from the list of classes available and add break gaps, where it will then develop a schedule for the student.  

Registration week will start on Oct. 31 and end on Nov. 4. However, early registration goes until Dec. 2, which is the fee payment deadline.

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