Nov 13, 2018
Pumpkin patch in front of Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016 (Johnsen Del Rosario/The Collegian).

Fall Festive offers food, wine, pumpkins

The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology hosted the 10th annual farm festival – or fall festival, as it was called this year – at the Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market on Saturday.

Fresno State’s student-run agricultural enterprises showcased and gave free samples of its products, such as butter, ice cream and wine – to name a few.

The agricultural enterprises are part of Fresno State’s University Agricultural Laboratories (UAL), which are also teaching facilities, said Jeremy Lewis, the farm market manager.

“The festival is a great way for the enterprises on campus to kind of talk to the community and show them the educational process behind the products that we make here,” Lewis said.

As folks made their way around the enterprises’ tables, students were able to tell them a little bit about their products and how each is made.

“The ice cream – it takes about 13-15 minutes each batch,” Liliana Nieto explained. “That’s about 15 gallons of ice cream.”

Nieto, a fourth-year animal science major, said the festival was a fun experience, and it was nice to see little kids and their families enjoying their products.

The sampled products, other produce and tri-tip were available for purchase at the market, which served as a fundraiser for the the Fresno State Meats Judging Team.

“The money we generate today, it’ll be funneled right back into the Jordan College to invest in equipment and further the education of the students,” Lewis said.

The festival also had plenty of activities for families. There was face painting, gourd decorating, two John Deere tractors on display for families to sit on and two baby calves for children to pet. People tried to guess how many walnuts were in a jar as well, and the prize was a basket of items from the market.

At the other corner of the festival sat a horticulture nursery and a patch of pumpkins ready to be bought, taken home and carved into jack-o’-lanterns.

Elizabeth Hammond said the event was great and her family was having fun.

“It’s nice to support your local college,” Hammond said. “And it’s fun when they have stuff like this out here, especially when there’s activities for the kids.”

Lewis said the festival was a real connection to the community.

“We rely on the community for support, and they’re our biggest cheerleaders, so it’s really nice to tie it in together with them.”

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