Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff in a scene from the movie "The Accountant" directed by Gavin O'Connor. (Chuck Zlotnick/Warner Brothers Pictures/TNS)

‘The Accountant’ does a number on the big screen

Hard-hitting action, dark comedy and an enticing storyline, add it all up and you get “The Accountant”.

The film directed by Gavin O’ Connor stars Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick and J.K. Simmons.

Affleck plays the lead role of Christian Wolff, an accountant who does more than just crunch numbers. As a child, Wolff is diagnosed with autism which leads to difficulties between his parents on who and how their son should be raised. His father decides the best thing to do to ensure his son grows up to become an independent adult is to schedule him and his younger brother, for military-type training.

Wolff’s condition makes it nearly impossible for him to leave a project unfinished. There’s a scene that includes him causing a scene when he cannot find the final piece to a puzzle he is putting together. What one would call mental challenges are the complete opposite for Wolff. He uses his acute attention to detail and his acquired fighting skills to help clients all over the world who are involved in criminal organizations.

While working for a client, he meets Dana Cummings (Kendrick) and together they discover something a bit off with the client. When rumors of the two come to surface, a wild goose chase ensues to capture them, dead or alive.

Ray King (Simmons) is an agent from the Treasury Department who has been working on a case of his own which leads him on the trail of Wolff. Together with his partner Marybeth Medina (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) they begin to put the pieces together.

Affleck’s ability to deliver subtle, witty remarks without having to rely on over-the-top humor aids in creating a character the viewer can connect with. There’s an interesting dynamic when you mix a quiet, shy individual with a brutal, no-nonsense alter-ego.

The amount of flashbacks throughout the film may make it a bit confusing for some to keep up with the timeline. The film also leaves the viewer wishing there was more room for the relationships or chemistries to develop.

For action movie lovers, this is definitely a film to check out. For those who are expecting a lot of humor or romance, this film may not be for you. If the audience takes away anything from the film, may it be to think twice before doubting that a person diagnosed with autism can live a normal life.