Nov 16, 2018
The “Inversion” ride is one of the many entertainments at the fresno fair. (Khone Saysamongdy/The Collegian)

Top five things to do at the fair

You just bought your ticket to the Big Fresno Fair and are overwhelmed by the sea of people, booths and exhibits as you walk through the gates. There are plenty of things to do and see at the fair, but you may not have enough time to experience it all.

What are you going to do now?

  1. Fine Arts and Photography exhibit

One of the most popular exhibits at the fair is the Fine Arts and Photography exhibit. Located at the center of the fairgrounds, the art exhibit features paintings, sculptures and photographs.

A $5,000 statue of a large red dragon perched on a crumbling tower sits in the middle of the building and is just one reason why the art exhibit is worth seeing.

  1. Commerce exhibit

The Commerce exhibit is a fun fair attraction that shows the wide and sometimes odd assortment of knickknacks available for sale.

If you’re into sports card collecting, the exhibit features a booth that sells rare football and baseball cards. For those who are anime fans, there is a booth that sells manga and other anime merchandise. The exhibit even has a self-defense booth dedicated to selling tasers and pepper spray.

  1. Discover the Bayou

Discover the Bayou is a new exhibit at the fair, but is already attracting large crowds. The exhibit features armadillos, snakes, alligators and a spider monkey.

“People can get up close and personal with the animals. They’re able to pet a lot of them,” exhibit guide Pearla Candelario said. “I think that’s why a lot of people are coming.”

  1. Gem and Mineral exhibit

The Gem and Mineral exhibit features rows of colorful rocks and is worth a visit if you are accompanied by children. Booths in the exhibit sell rock figurines and fake fossils.

Montrey Buehler sells small colorful rocks called agate slices at one of the booths.

“I like seeing the joy on children’s faces when they look at the rocks,” Buehler said. “You can tell the ones who will become rock collectors.”

  1. Carnival Rides

The most popular, and perhaps most notorious, attraction at the fair are the rides. On weekends long lines stretch out from almost every large ride in the carnival section.

Almost every teenager at the fair is eager to ride the Zipper or the Chicago Loop. Young couples giggle as they play carnival games together. Being tall enough to ride the swings is a rite of passage for children at the fair. The rides are quintessential to the fair experience.


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