So… Are You Going to Take the Ring to Mordor?

You know in The Lord of the Rings when everyone must decide who will take the one ring to fires of Mount Doom.  The power of the ring leads the men, the elves, and the dwarves to argue over who is more competent and strong.  That’s when Frodo realizes that he’s the one who must take it.  He’s the only one who can take it.  He stands up, declaring over the rest of the party, “I will take it!” And as the party quiets down.  He says it once more. “I will take it.” And thus the Fellowship of the Ring was born.


My point today isn’t to discuss the plotline of The Lord of the Rings, I want to talk about that moment.  The moment that everyone remembers.  The moment that alters the entire path of the storyline.  The moment everyone in the theater gasps or cheers or cries or laughs.  I want to talk about the Movie Picture Moment.

About a week ago I was talking with two of my friends hashing it out about life.  I told them I was scared to stand up for myself in a certain situation.  It was then one of them turned to me and said, “You need your big movie moment.”

I was a tad confused so he explained the same scene I just painted for you above with The Lord of the Rings.  “You need to be Frodo.” He said.

I know. Way easier said than done.

I love those moments but is it really possible to create one for yourself? After giving it some thought I think I figured it out.

And it has absolutely nothing to do with the moment itself.

It’s about courage. It’s the breath Frodo takes before he stands up and volunteers for the task.  For those reading that aren’t LOR fans: it’s the dance the Breakfast Club does before they decide to tell Principal Vernon to shove it; it’s when Harry runs down the bare streets of New York City to tell Sally he loves her; it’s when Matt Damon takes 20 seconds of pure courage and decides to buy a zoo.

It’s courage. I know life is far from a film. Sure we can’t necessarily buy a zoo, maybe we’re not in love and have the opportunity to run the street of NYC, but we can apply that courage to our everyday life.

Do you want that raise? Go in and ask for it.

Are you looking to switch majors to pursue what you really love? Switch.

Do you really, really like someone? Get up and go tell them.

Have the courage and cease your Movie Picture Moment.  Go and take that ring to Mordor.