Aug 25, 2019

Top Ten Signs You’re Not in High School Anymore

As an official college student for over a year now, I realize that I’m in a completely new environment. From longer classes to smaller desk sizes getting accustomed to this change became a process. As the semesters starting flying by I realized that this new lifestyle was actually really cool and it was nothing I had it imagined it to be. I came onto campus that fall semester thinking about all the stereotypical freshmen myths I kept hearing about. After actually living it I have drawn up my top 10 signs that I knew that college is the place for me, even though it has its ups and downs.

1) The Fashion Show is OVER: Everyone has trouble getting out of bed in the morning so the last thing we have to worry about is what our OOTD is, so whip out the sweatpants and hoodies because college is not your personal runway.

2) Coffee will run through your veins: Whether it’s a Starbucks run or a daily dose of Red Bull, caffeine will be your best friend for those midnight Blackboard deadlines.

3) 4 hour classes are out there and are looking for YOU: Everyone will hit that moment, you need that class for your degree but it’s only offered once a week from 5-9pm… Suck it up and take lots of snacks.

4) Your huge “Crew” from high school becomes 2 really good friends: Life goes on and so will your friends so don’t think it was your fault everyone left, the process of “adulting” leads people on different paths.

5) The bottom of the desks are … Gum Free: This is a personal one for me but I’m so glad that I can accidently bump my arm under a desk and not hit a warm pile of chewed up gum, I mean we’re all paying for these desks so let’s keep them clean

6) Your whole paycheck goes towards things you don’t even want: No the books aren’t free, yes they are expensive but don’t worry you’ll only use them for like one week.

7) Your family members think you’re the best kid in the world: I mean we haven’t even graduated yet but if you’re already “more successful” than your other cousins your next family reunion will be a breeze.

8) TGIF (Thank God It’s Free): Free will be your favorite word to hear on campus (I mean you just paid $150 on a Chemistry textbook) but free is nothing compared to the word “CANCELED”.

9) “I literally haven’t eaten all day” sadly becomes very true: From school to work and everything in between your 5-star dinner becomes a squashed granola bar at the bottom of your bag.

10) A “Night on the Town” can come to life at home: Let’s be real after a crazy week the last thing you want to do is actually put on clothes and see more people … “Netflix and Snacks Party of One”

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