10 Step Process that Lets Our Procrastination Spiral Out of Control

It’s a new semester, and you’ve told yourself you’re going to try harder when it comes to developing your study habits. With a stack of new color coded sticky notes and freshly sharpened pencils at your right hand side, there’s no way you’ll be tempted to procrastinate, right? Likely story.

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1. You decide to make yourself a snack

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It’s mid-day. You’ve set aside this time to get some work done, but who wants to study on an empty stomach? Without brain power you’ll hinge the study process which is opposite of the goal you’re trying to obtain here. If you have science homework aren’t you technically snacking for the sake of science? We’ll just pretend there are no fallacies present here.

2. You Instagram your healthy choices

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After all that work in the kitchen you have to show it to the internet! Food pictures on Instagram are about to make their comeback.

3. You keep up the responsibility and clean up after yourself

CT5X8W Messy Kitchen

Now you can start studying, right? Wrong. Chances are your gourmet chef skills left you with a mess kind of like this. You have to clean it eventually. May as well get it done now – then you can study!

4. You run errands with a friend

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Right after you clean the kitchen, your friend texts you saying they’re about to make a run to Walmart. Since you’ve just eaten all your fruit you’ll need to stock up. You put on your “adulting” pants and head out.

5. You sleep

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A trip to the grocery store can be exhausting. You decide to take a power nap once you return home. Then you’ll be ready to study!

6. You binge watch Netflix/YouTube

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So the power nap took longer than you wanted. Before you get straight into reading a textbook you try to wake yourself up by catching up on your shows on Netflix or by watching YouTube videos. It’s like you’re multi-tasking!

7. You prep for the study session

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Now you’re awake and ready to study! You knew you’d get to it eventually! First you have to sharpen your pencils and set up your desk space. Can’t study in a cluttered environment, right?

8. You create study playlist

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It’s time to set up a playlist to avoid the distraction of searching for music! Luckily it takes little to no time to create one – unless you have a mini solo dance party. But who could blame you?

9. You call your mom

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Mid-dance party you get a text from your mom asking about your day. But rather than type it all out you decide to call her. You find anything and everything to talk about.
“Did you know there are three different ways to cut a strawberry?” you say.
“Shouldn’t you be studying?” mom asks.
10. You browse social media and look for funny memes

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Alright, the textbook is open and you’re ready to read it. You’re just going to do one last round of social media browsing to last you the night. Two minutes turns to 20 which – we all see where this is going. By now it’s 9 p.m. and studying isn’t going to happen. Oh well! Try again tomorrow, right?