Jul 15, 2019
A bag of methamphetamine on the hood of a Fresno police car across the street from Fresno State on Sunday, February 28, 2016. Two men were arrested for the meth as well as passing counterfeit money. (Troy Pope/The Collegian)

Police bust men for meth, counterfeit money near campus

It started with a traffic accident, turned into counterfeit money passing and ended with meth.

Two men were arrested across the street from Fresno State on Sunday after police found several ounces of meth in their vehicle, Fresno police narcotics Sgt. Tim Tietjen said.

The original traffic accident occurred as the two men in the truck were getting off of Highway 41 on Shaw Avenue Sunday afternoon.

Jeremy Jameson, 45, and Samuel Jameson, 37, tried to pay off the driver they collided with, police said. When the group went their separate ways, the driver who was paid off realized the cash he’d been given was fake.

The driver called the police and authorities tracked them down in front of Fresno State.

Officers pulled over the vehicle.

The truck they were driving had a very large trailer filled with what appeared to be scrap metal and other recyclables, with a bright orange wrap around it.

During the traffic stop, officers searched the vehicle for more counterfeit money. They found between 4 and 6 ounces of methamphetamine.

“Methamphetamine drives other crimes, such as violent crimes, property crimes — auto theft,” Tietjen said. “So every bit that we take off the streets really does make an impact.”

The men were arrested and charged with the transportation of narcotics, the intent to sell narcotics, and for the counterfeit money, Tietjen said.

The arrests occurred next to the Masjid Fresno Islamic Center, across the street from the Homan Hall dormitory at Fresno State.

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