Oct 23, 2018
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz celebrates with supporters in Des Moines, Iowa, after winning the Iowa Republican caucus on Monday, Feb. 1, 2016. (Yin Bogu/Xinhua/Zuma Press/TNS)

Students rally behind Ted Cruz for president

A new group on campus, Millennials for Ted Cruz, has formed to create a student forum for the upcoming presidential elections.

This is the only group of its kind at Fresno State – none of the other prospective candidates have a student run organization campaigning for them on campus.

The students in the national organization form chapters on individual campuses, and all share in a cumulative Facebook page – “Millennials for Ted Cruz.”  

Jeremiah Folia, Central Valley regional chair for the Cruz campaign and campus chair, said, “we are a group of individuals who are fed up with the unconstitutional trend in our government. We believe Ted Cruz has presented the most logical ways to stop the cronyism in Washington and is the one candidate that will restore our country.”

The group has set up a voter information booth in the Free Speech Area most Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Folia said the booth is doing great, and that students are showing interest.

In the South Carolina primary, Ted Cruz had the most amount of voters in the GOP aged 17-29, winning 28 percent of their votes, according to a poll conducted by Edison Media Research for National Election Pool.

Robert Tamez-Gadams, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering and a member of Millennials for Ted Cruz, said, “I got involved in this group a when friend told me about it when the group was just taking off. I did some research after being told about Mr. Cruz and Ted Cruz was the most appealing candidate to me.”

Tamez-Gadams said that one goal that the group is trying to accomplish is awareness. The group is making posters and hanging them around campus, trying to spark interest in Cruz. The posters play on pop culture references, like using the phrase “Straight out of Congress.”

Tamez-Gadams went on to discuss Cruz’s tax plans as a reason to vote for Cruz.

“Now that we are out of our parents houses living on our own we are inevitably going to have to pay taxes, and the current tax system is very confusing and over complicated.”  

Folia said that Cruz’s tax plan was one reason that he was interested in the candidate.

Ted Cruz has a tax plan that would create thousands of small businesses, increase minimum wage by 12%, and create millions of jobs,” Folia said.

Cruz’s tax plan, Cruz Simple Flat Tax, creates one 10 percent flat tax rate on all Americans, and also requires that businesses pay a flat tax of 16 percent.

Cruz said, “the Simple Flat Tax is so simple and transparent, in fact, that Americans will be able to fill out their taxes on a postcard or smartphone app.”

The group has hosted debate watching parties, poster walks and candidate information hangouts in order to discuss the candidates. Their goal is to share awareness about Cruz’s campaign and garner support.

“I wanted to support Cruz and the best way that I could do this was by join,” Tamez-Gadams said.  

“We are looking for students who love freedom. We are looking for students who believe in the promise of liberty,” Folia said.

For more information, contact Jeremiah Folia via email at

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