Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets the crowd during a rally at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Miss., on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016. (John Fitzhugh/Biloxi Sun Herald/TNS)

Clarifying the Trump editorial

This morning, The Collegian published an editorial about Donald Trump.

The piece, in no uncertain terms, compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. The article was labeled as an editorial, which is an opinion piece — not a news story.

It is important to stress that The Collegian, a student-run publication, isn’t subject to prior review. No faculty or staff members read the article before it was published — as it should be. It does not represent the views of Fresno State.

The article was riddled with hyperbole. This was intentional.

Although the words were inflammatory, we fully understand that not every person who supports Trump is a murderer, or any in actuality.

But there are extremists out there that will take Trump’s sentiment to a level higher than even he wants. Trump, though, is capitalizing on the racial tension for votes.

He has said that he could “shoot somebody and” he wouldn’t lose voters. This is not OK.

The Collegian isn’t even the trend setter on this topic. Other outlets have made the same commentary on Trump that we have.

Donald Trump wouldn’t back down, and neither will we.

However, the media frenzy over this editorial seems to dismiss the fact that an editorial is an opinion piece. The traffic caused our site to go down more than once.

Yes, it’s on the front page — but was done for a reason.

The Collegian chose to run its front page as a message of hyperbole.

Students are disengaged. Had we run this on the inside of our issue, so many people would never have read what we find to be a pertinent and necessary discussion on the current political climate that exists in our nation.

It is in our opinion that a forum needs to be created in order to engage local readers about what we believe is a very real threat to the American way of life.

We successfully created a forum.

Students all over campus are engaging in politics in a way they never have before, and those are the people we care about. The community at large has begun speaking about the pliability of a president who has made such poor linguistic choices — that he has warranted the comparison to Adolf Hitler.

We stand once again and ask that you do your part and keep talking about the reality of this election — which could be the difference between warfare and prosperity.

Remember, the First Amendment ensures everyone’s right to freedom of speech.

The Collegian welcomes verbal criticism and always solicits comments via letters to the editor — of which we run both positive and negative.

  • Dallas Blanchard
  • Felicia Van Buren

    This really shouldn’t have been necessary. It’s really ironic that the people who were so offended by the article because of the generalization that the supports are violent, in turn began behaving in such a disgusting manner. Kind of hitting the nail on the head, isn’t it?

  • dturbo6go

    The contemporary left holds that non-socialist
    societies are composed largely of dominators and the dominated, oppressors and
    the oppressed. The alleged cause of this social arrangement is the economic
    system of free-market capitalism, which is viewed by the left as the root of
    all manner of social ills and vices — racism, sexism, alienation, homophobia,
    imperialism. In the calculus of the left, capitalism is an agent of
    tyranny and exploitation that presses its boot upon the proverbial necks
    of a wide array of victim groups — blacks and other minorities, women,
    homosexuals, immigrants, and the poor, to name but a few. That is why according
    to the left, the United States (historically the standard-bearer of
    all capitalist economies) can only do wrong.

  • Dan Waterhouse


    I learned everything I needed to know about The Trump when he showed up in Fresno some years ago to show us yokels his “art of the deal.” Long story short, the City of Fresno went rescuer shopping when the Running Horse land fraud went totally sideways. He blew into town on the corporate jet and paraded his ass in front of the TV news cameras.

    Bottom line: he ran away when the going got tough. The property owners wanted above average prices for their land, land necessary to make a viable development. Trump wanted to pay pennies on the dollar and wanted the City to use eminent domain to acquire parcels. The City wisely decided not to go there and Trump fled. I can just imagine him running when things get rough in the Oval Office.

    • Screw you.

      • Dan Waterhouse

        Typical Trump supporter and whacked out conservative, heh?😂😂

    • teflonron

      He’s a prudent business man, tough titties for you.

  • roccolore

    Democrats are the fascists who would never have mocked Hillary Clinton.

  • The real danger to America is not Trump, it’s the Democrats. The only end of the world will be if Hillary or Sanders wins. The article is hate speech and must be removed.

    • Matt Jacobs

      Get rid of opposing viewpoints just because you don’t like them; way to support the first amendment.

    • NOiSEA

      Nice story Robert. You really made a well thought out argument against the constitution of the United States.

    • Flea Press

      This is wonderful! An OPINION about the dangers of Trump’s views are considered HATE SPEECH but —>

      if Trump states that immigrants are rapist there’s no hate there.

      if Trump talks about banning all Muslims from entering the U S. there’s no hate there.

  • You’ve got to listen to

  • Coach_Bombay1992

    Beta male to the max

  • Vincent Landolina

    It happens all the time, i see hillary with an adolph hitler mustache LOL honestly ( i am a trump supporter ) he is a bit of a quack which i think may make things quite interesting, and he does have some great ideas for this country but hes not the best choice but then in the last 16 years neither was bush and obama, THEY ALL LIE, they’re in it for the DC profit$$$. So no offense here, I believe in freedom of speech the constitution comes first guys n gals, media is right there in the 1st amendment, they can twist things to the point of ridiculous! people believe everything they read, fear is a factor hyperbole, excellent choice of words, but your showing your fear when you commingle hitler with anyone……..just sayin

  • Memri Dotorg

    Hey, Editors – which is a discgrace to joseph goebells – you are the biggest PUHSSIES or should I say PBUH-SSIES in the world – you little twerps who have earned nothing, paid for nothing, and more over the US taxpayer is funding your degree on discrimination in the basket weaving industry which qualifies you to do what exactly in society after the taxpayer has guaranteed the debt you racked up for your degree? to work at daily beast? or maybe some department of human services? or maybe some social justice non-profit – interesting how that works. How many of you SJW’s are going to be electrical engineers, physiscists, chemists, work or a living in a business, not an economics jerqof that grows a goatee and spouts off about comparative advantage? how many? I thought so. But the real phussy in all of you is that you hide your identity – you think it noble to call someone hitler – and I can only guess the religion of some or many on the staff – you throw that around like some badge of libturd courage – but like real hitler and the other phussies, you hide in your bunker, or here, behind the anonyminity of “the editorial staff” – well when you call someone hitler and don’t have the ballz or have been brainwashed your whole life to hate things that work and are successful (like jews), you get what we have slowly working its way into the brainwashed minds of your generation – the seeds of fascism also known as….. Talk to me when you are 35 and look back on this and see if you feel as proud as you do today, or better yet, show your kids, if you aren’t raping them – you know who i am talking about – see what they say about it.

  • pevans1

    And Fuhrer Hussein Obama-Bin-Lyin isn’t? You reetards are fucking kidding me, right??? You stupid fucking PUNKS don’t know shit! GROW THE FUCK UP!

  • Donnie Trump

    What a load of bs! “Saying trump supporters will kill people isn’t hyperbole you retards. “This is not ok” who the hell are you to decide to say what’s ok or not? You aren’t our daddy’s. If you wanted political discussion you would have had a dissenting article rebutting this profane propaganda hit piece. You’re all brainwashed and retarded liberals who thinks you’re actually going to get free stuff from Bernie. What a joke. Btw, if you wanted free speech, President Castro wouldn’t be blocking people on Twitter for disagreeing with this article. Keep on cucking morons

  • teflonron