Oct 23, 2019
YouTuber and blogger CeCe Olisa also known as the Plus Size Princess, speaks about the art of “self-love” and being “body positive,” in North Gym 118, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016. (Darlene Wendels/The Collegian)

Blogger says to love yourself

Plus Size Princess CeCe Olisa is a motivational blogger in New York who came to Fresno State Wednesday to discuss ‘How do I love myself?’ during the month of love.

Olisa, originally from Fresno, traveled across the country to share self-love tips with students in an open discussion forum. A microphone was handed to any student who wished to participate in sharing his or her own personal stories or express a concern.

Melissa Norris, Special Project Coordinator for the Student Health and Counseling Center, facility and peer ambassadors for Wellness (PAWS) all helped organize and promote the blogger’s visit.

Norris explained that last year was the first year February was dedicated as the month of love. The month of love’s goal is to educate students on how to love themselves. Norris explained why teaching students to love themselves without validation from others was so important and why she enjoyed working with students.

“Suicide is the second leading cause of death of people between the ages of 18 to 25,” Norris said. “Personally I found that my passion and career goals were to work with students and to provide opportunities for student development outside of the classroom.”

Mallory Lewis, a PAWS student, said that the goal of the organization was to promote healthy living among students.

“We talk about things such as suicide and suicide prevention,” Lewis said. “We talk about the top ten academic impacts.”

PAWS student group organizes educational learning centralized around the needs of other students such as self-love, suicide, dating, alcohol and academics.

Olisa, who blogs about dating, fashion and personal experiences, shared that she began to blog as an excuse to get away from her friends.

“I started blogging to get out of going to karaoke with my friends,” Olisa said. “Then I made the choice to quit my job and do it full time.”

Olisa has a ‘five to one rule’ it takes five positive comments to faze out one negative comment, this is a method she uses to focus on the positive things in life. Olisa believes that even if 95 percent of our life is going well we tend to focus all of our energy on the five percent that we want to change.

Olisa shared that her ‘F word’ is fat hearing the word makes her anxious.

“I have been plus sized my whole life,” Olisa said. “My biggest fear was people describing me as ‘the big girl’.”

It took Olisa time to learn that other people’s disapproval had nothing to do with her and how a relationship should not be validation for your self worth.

“An unclaimed diamond is still a diamond,” Olisa said. “Just because it hasn’t been claimed doesn’t mean the value is lowered.”

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