Sep 20, 2019

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support our faculty in salary dispute

Carlos Jimenez — Special to The Collegian

I’m writing this letter to raise our campus awareness of an issue that affects us all. It involves a 5 percent general salary raise for every faculty and a 2.65 percent service salary raise for eligible faculty.

For those who don’t know, the CSU faculties that are a part of the CFA are in disagreeable terms with Chancellor White. The California Faculty Association (CFA) had held a strike vote on our campus and organized other CSU faculty members to join them on their protest in Long Beach, California. What more do they have to do in order for the Chancellor to realize how important this salary increase is.

Our faculty have been working so hard to grade our assignments on time, do research, and educate us with information that will benefit us in the future. Some faculty are willingly dedicated to their career that they will eat, grade, and advise students at the same time.

With this amount of commitment, these faculties make their CSU so special and awesome. With this kind of faculty, more students are being influenced by their enthusiasm and love for their career. For these reasons, I believe that all students on campus should be thankful for our faculty and need to raise awareness to Chancellor White. He needs to know how important they are to us as college students.

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