Oct 18, 2019

Securing a path to professional success

It is never too early to begin preparing for internships.

There are certain steps that can help students land a spot into a internship program that can lead to growth and potential employment. Fresno State’s Career Development Center offers many resources for students to utilize while trying to find an internship.

“The first step is getting your resume updated. Taking it to the career center is an easy way for someone to look over and edit it,” said Imelda Santacruz Dudley, graduate program outreach specialist.

It is important to make sure your resume is tailored to the position for which you are applying. A good way to help with that is by having someone in the industry you’re interested in review your resume, said Debbie Young, director of the Career Development Center.

Once you have an updated resume, an easy next step is finding places that appeal to you. That can be done with a simple Google search, attending career fairs, and if you’re a Fresno State student or alumnus, you can use the Bulldog Link, said Dudley.

The Bulldog Link is a database of all agencies in the community that are looking for either interns or employees and Fresno State students along with alumni have access to the link.

“Networking and joining student clubs and organizations where you get access to professionals and companies in the community is one good way of looking for internships,” said Young.

One thing that some employers look for is how involved you are and if you’re passionate for what you’re going for, said Alexis Freeman, Star Fellowship program representative.

“If you’re passionate with what you do, that’s something that should come off in your statement and cover letter,” said Freeman.

There are a lot of internships during the summer that offer paid full-time positions. Depending on your major there can be specific times companies are looking for interns. Career services can help direct students to the right ones said Young.

“We’re having our career counselors going out to the colleges and working with the new academic advising centers, so a lot of our career counselors know about upcoming opportunities,” said Young.

Something to also keep in mind while searching for internships is to talk to professors who are doing consulting or working on projects in the outside community. They may have connections with companies that may not be in Fresno but they can have a lead to something, said Young.

“Being open to relocate can help, as well. A lot of internships are not in Fresno, and some of the companies will pay for housing and transportation,” said Young.

Also, making a good impression is key when trying to apply for any position. Contacting and getting that personal connection is something that is beneficial, said Dudley.

“A lot of times, it’s easier to catch professionals at their workplace, and it’s a way you can meet them and leave an impression,” said Dudley.

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