Oct 23, 2019

Movie night wine pairings: A classy affair

Have you been itching to have a movie marathon? Maybe you want to go on the emotional roller coaster of nostalgia and watch “Harry Potter” all day, or maybe you just want to settle into your couch and enjoy “Finding Nemo.” No matter which, we all know what would make the night perfect: a glass of wine and a snack.

Seeing as you are already saving money by not going out to see a movie, you might as well spend that extra cash on a cheap bottle of wine and some movie snacks. Picking out your wine totally depends on your taste in snacks. So here I have listed some popular snacks and their perfect wine pairings.

Personally, I am a Raisinets girl. I know I am a minority in this sense. But there is nothing quite like tossing a couple of chocolate covered raisins back with a swig of cabernet. It is like paying a homage to wine if you eat it with raisins. Or a travesty, who knows? But a good dark cabernet that’s a little on the dry side complements the sweet chocolate and dried fruit flavors, enhancing both items.

Next, for all those weird people who seem to order actual food at theaters, we can pair those cheap nachos with that pseudo cheese – which apparently you can buy in a can at a gas station. Pairing cheese products with wine has got to be the easiest pairing ever. You can choose either red or white wine.

For a white, I would choose something light, like a torrontes. This light wine has a bit of sweetness to it and would contrast a salty cornchip very well. If you were to choose a red wine, I would choose something like a zinfandel. It has got a little spice to it and would really help mask that cheese byproduct.

Now for the people who are children at heart and insist on eating Redvines.

We all know that you are going to bite off the ends and stick them in your drink (classy). So we should pair the Redvines with something equally as fun. A light, sweet moscato would be ideal. Choose one that is lightly carbonated with some cherry and peach flavors. This will complement the Redvines, as well as make your cheeks flush red with all the sugar you are ingesting.

Lastly, we pair the king of theater experience: popcorn. Buttered popcorn deserves a sparkling white wine. Sparkling white wines, more commonly and incorrectly called Champagne, are highly carbonated naturally, and are fun to par with things. Light and airy popcorn will melt in your mouth when it comes in contact with a sip of a bubbly. The butter and salt on the popcorn makes your mouth water, and the cool, crisp effervescent wine will wash it all away. Look for a prosecco, they are a bubbly from Italy that is light and fruity. Proseccos are also on the cheap side, rarely going over $15.

So sit back and watch your favorite movie with a nice pairing of wine and your choice of snack. You will class up your movie watching experience (even if you chose “Finding Nemo”) by trying something new. Cheers!

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