Jun 25, 2019
ASI President Abigail Hudson and Executive Vice President Nicholas Stephens during Wednesday’s student senate meeting. (Paul Schlesinger, The Collegian)

ASI’s witch hunt over KFSR

Special to The Collegian, David Edward Casuga

My name is David Edward Casuga, and I am a student here at Fresno State as well as a DJ on KFSR.

Upon reading an article in The Collegian, it has come to my attention that the good name of KFSR is being dragged through the mud over a topic of vital importance. I would like to take a minute to voice my opinion on the matter.

First of all, I would like to point out that KFSR’s license prevents us from playing the type of music that is being requested. So, I’m not sure if it is clear, but it is literally illegal for us to play the type of music [ASI is] looking for.

However, that aside, I would like to address a few points. Number 1 of which is this unusual witch hunt that is being perpetrated upon jazz. Jazz is more than a part of American history, it is at the very core of America’s development. It is our nation’s only original art form so we, as an educated culture, should realize that the very little heritage that America has cannot be celebrated or told without jazz, and as such we should be doing everything we can to preserve it and its legacy.

KFSR is the only jazz radio station in Fresno, which is impressive for two reasons: It’s been successful for more than 40 years, and the monopoly on the market it enjoys is unheard of.

KFSR and its programming staff have been doing all they can to produce programming that they can be proud of. Speaking not only as a DJ on this station (who is very proud of the programming I produce) but as a student, I think the efforts of KFSR should be celebrated rather than changed.

Secondly, I’m sure that the ASI Senate has consulted some students and found that their argument has “grounds.” However, I guarantee that I can find a large number of students who not only listen to KFSR and enjoy its programming, but who believe in its purposes and ideals and wholeheartedly support KFSR.

I get calls every show from the community supporting my show and KFSR. I have people around campus who stop me, realize who I am, and compliment me and my show and regale me with their support and love for this station.

Finally, for multiple reasons, I think it’s appalling that not only my programming is being attacked, but also my area of study. This is the art to which I have chosen to devote my life and which many others long before me have also chosen.

I’m not saying that everyone has to enjoy jazz, but more than anything I would hope my student “representatives” would at least respect me, my art and my work. This town is a heavy jazz town, so I’m not sure why we are trying to take away the Fresno jazz lovers’ only means of public listening just to service a very small niche group who are in a position of power.

I’m not quite sure how this conversation got passed, “It is illegal for us to play the music you want,” but since it has, I hope this letter has brought more than a few things to light.

If necessary, I would love the opportunity to stand before any number of important people and say the exact same thing. I hope my voice has been heard by my student “representatives.”

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