Sep 20, 2018

It’s closing time for Swiggs

Popular college restaurant Swiggs will be closing its doors for good Saturday.

“It’s very bittersweet, but unfortunately there were different factors and it was hard to compete,” said Swiggs owner Michael Jew. “It was a tough and sad decision, but my wife and I decided to close down Swiggs.”

Loyal costumer Nicholas Estrada compared the closing of Swiggs with a death of a relative.

“It’s very sad,” he said. “It’s like I became a part of the Swiggs family and I’ve been at Swiggs the last couple of days and everybody is just there for each other.”

Estrada has been visiting Swiggs since it first opened.

“They were very welcoming and friendly to anybody I brought in,” he said. “They always gave back to the community and they’ve just been always welcoming. It’s very sad they’re closing.”

Jew said what he’ll miss the most about Swiggs are the people and staff.

“My wife and I don’t have family here and the staff became our family,” he said. “We had a great run and we just want to thank the Fresno State students and the community for the last five years.”

He added that if Swiggs were to ever reopen it would be in a different location, due to the building’s age.

Swiggs first opened its doors on October 2010.

“What made it so successful the past five years was the people,” Michael said. “We have seen five graduating classes at Fresno State and it’s very bittersweet to leave.”

Michael and Gina Jew have asked the community to share their memories they had at Swiggs over social media.

On Sept. 26, there will be a farewell party at Swiggs. Loyal customers and community members will make one last toast before Swiggs closes its doors.

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