Oct 22, 2019

Fresno EOC charity basketball game this Saturday

This Saturday, May 16, the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) will be hosting a charity basketball game in lieu of their 50th anniversary, year-long celebration of the commission.

Fresno EOC is in charge of more than 30 programs throughout the Fresno community, each program specifically designed to help those in need through hard times.

The game will feature the Harlem Ambassadors, the internationally acclaimed comedy basketball team, against the Community Action All-Stars including: Clovis Mayor Nathan Magsig, comedian Feather Da’ Wyz, City of Clovis Councilmember Oliver Baines III, and KFSN Sports Director Tommy Tran.

Joel Saldañia Jr., director of community engagement at Fresno EOC, hopes the game will be a great way to bring the community together while raising money for a great cause.

“This is the Fresno EOC’s first time working with the Harlem Ambassadors,” said Saldañia. “They are a great organization which conducts fundraisers for the non-profit world; working closely with clubs such as the Boys and Girls club. We’re very fortunate that they will come and partner with us for this basketball game at Central High school.”

“We wanted to create a fun, family event this month, so anyone from kids to grandparents can attend. Since May 16th is also Armed Services Day, we’re hoping a lot of veterans will attend the game as well.”

The idea for a charity basketball event was formed after Fresno EOC realized the diversity of the community was more apt to monthly events over the course of a year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fresno EOC, rather than having one huge fundraiser.

“When we were choosing how to celebrate the 50th anniversary we could have had a single gala and brought people in for that one event and be done,” added Saldañia. “But because of the diversity and reach of Fresno EOC, we operate more than 30 programs around the community; we wanted to have an event each month.”

The game will be held May 16, at 7:00 p.m. PT. at Central High School’s East gym. Individual tickets will be $12 the day of the game, while a group of 5 is $40.

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