The men’s restroom on the third floor of the Family Food Sciences Building on April 16, 2015.

Infrastructure Unacceptable

By: Jose Nava
Special to the Collegian

Walking around campus every day, I see things that could be potential hazards for students.

Elevators have not been inspected for over a year; restroom stalls around campus are missing doors and replaced by shower curtains, and potholes continue to cause potential hazards for students parking in the dormitory parking lot.

These facilities in the Family Food Science Building, South Gym, and Science building have been missing for more than four years.

I’ve spoken to administrators who said the problem has been taken care of, but, to my dismay, the doors were still missing and students still don’t have proper privacy.

So what exactly is the hold up on these restrooms and hazards? These issues should have been taken care of for the sake of student safety, yet they have been ignored time after time.

Since we pay thousands in tuition and in other fees, you would think that something as simple as installing a new door would be easy to fix.

As a student of Fresno State, I find these issues to be degrading of our university’s image. What will future prospects think of our facilities once they see what our campus is slowly turning into? Associated Students Inc. and administrators need to #BeBold and get these facilities and other issues resolved.