Craig School honors program remains after rumors of closing

The Craig School of Business has decided to continue with its honors program after considering cutting the program for next year.

Robert Harper, dean of the Craig School of Business, said there was a possibility of cutting the honors program due to a lack of financial and personnel resources.

“The program has had external support for a number of years, and that support has not been provided recently,” Harper said.  “There was also concern about identifying a highly qualified faculty member to continue as the coordinator.”

After receiving multiple pleas from those who wanted the program to continue, the Craig School found a way to extend the program.

“We have received some limited additional financial support to fund a modified version of the program,” Harper said.

Still, the Craig School will no longer be able to offer a scholarship to participants in the program.

“I have been assured that other school and department honors programs on campus do not provide scholarships for participation, so we will be consistent with those programs,” Harper said.

Associated Students, Inc senator Kaitlyn Sims pushed for the program to stay open after learning about the possibility arose of losing it.

“I spoke to some faculty members, and it looked like a done-deal,” Sims said. “I spoke to students and faculty, and there was an outcry about how important the program is not only to students and faculty, but also for the school. I expressed our frustration to the administration and we were able to get it open within two weeks.”

Sims added that students are sad about losing the scholarship, but still happy to see the program back.

“It’s such a foundation for the school,” Sims said. “It’s one of those programs that has been around for so long. Especially,  for those looking to go to graduate school, for economics majors, it sets you apart.”