Marketing students aim to break ‘selfie’ world record

A group of Fresno State marketing students will attempt to break the world record Friday for the most people taking a selfie photo at one time.

According to officials at the Guinness Book of World Records, the current record stands at 283 people. It was achieved by Samsung Electronics America in Los Angeles on Oct.14.

The group’s goal is to reach over 1,000 participants. By setting the bar high,it plans for the record not to be broken anytime soon.

The idea of breaking the selfie record was hatched out of the mainstream popularity of social media. Popularized by the likes of Instagram and Twitter, selfies are typically photographs captured by one individual and then shared.

“As marketing students, we understood that for a big event to happen, we needed something trending,” said Nick Jimenez, a member of the group.

“Selfies have been a major trend lately, which is why people would be interested in joining our attempt. We wanted people in our world record to be part of something spectacular and be able to capture this moment by taking a selfie on their smartphone.”

The group is also composed of Chris Laub, Sara Sombat, Kevin Sweetman, Maria Munoz and Steven Flanagan. Titled “Team Fresno Selfie World Record,” the team was founded as a part of professor William Rice’s 188 marketing class.

“Ideas must stand the test of physical time, like world’s largest box of raisins.” Rice said.

“If you break the record, you must show evidence you submitted your attempt to Guinness and will receive a certificate for your success.”

A representative from Guinness does not, in fact, have to be present, but footage of the event must be recorded and sent for the record to be verified and recognized as official.

The students have been publicizing their world-record attempt by handing out flyers around campus at the Henry Madden Library, University Student Union and outside of their class. The group will attempt the record in the University Courtyard during an event held from 1 to 5 p.m.

By breaking the record, the students plan to also accomplish goals within the community.

“Our plan is to have Fresno and the Central Valley recognized and in the limelight. We are known for our agriculture around the country and, quite possibly, the world, but little is spoken about the amazing programs that Fresno State provides or what the Valley, in general, has to offer,” Sombat said.

“Our hope is this that by seeing students, parents, faculty, whomever, come together to smile and take pictures of how happy they are and proud they are to be from or living in Fresno and the Central Valley, it’ll put a good image into their minds about us,” he said.

Another group in the marketing class will also be attempting to break a world record. The “Candy Cause Creative” team is hoping to better the current world record of 817 people simultaneously unwrapping a candy, currently held by Kinder Surprise of Canada in Toronto, Canada, on Aug. 30.

They hope 1,000 participants will turn up to their event this Sunday at the Maple Mall, which runs from noon to 4 p.m.