Sep 22, 2018

New Fulton Mall burger shop aims to astound

Courtesy of Take 3 Burgers

Courtesy of Take 3 Burgers

Take 3 recently opened its doors in Downtown Fresno’s Fulton Mall, seeking to sell great-tasting food and revitalize the surrounding community.

The restaurant specializes in burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, fries and shakes for a competitive price.

Brian Washington and his daughter Desirae Washington-Reed, own the restaurant. Washington thought Fulton Mall would be a great place to start a business and hopes to one day turn Take 3 into a chain of restaurants.

Washington-Reed is excited to go into business with her father.

“It’s fun to be in business with someone you know,” she said. “This is a totally different experience because of the bond. The trust level is like no other.”

The restaurant plans to provide “a great thriving business” and “to expand into the new opening of the new street to the mall,” said Washington.

“My hope is that we can market to everyone and to revitalize and bring activity to the mall,” he said.

Washington, who is not new to Fresno’s restaurant industry, owned Monster Burger from 1987 to 1994.

“I’ve always wanted to reopen and start again,” he said.

As of today, Take 3 is open only on weekdays, but Washington says that might change since he’s seen a much bigger crowd at the Fulton Mall on the weekends.

The next step for Take 3 is modifying its menu to the customers. Washington said that they are open to different options and are keeping an eye open for anything that might help the restaurant.

“We are quickly becoming a restaurant that is known for the burgers,” Washington-Reed said. “We want to make burgers that you want. We want to make the best burgers you’ve ever had.”

Their hours of operation are during lunchtime from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Those hours might change in the days ahead, depending on the demand, Washington said.


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