Oct 15, 2019
Photo by Jesse Franz A sign outside of Wolfe Manor warns potential trespassers that the home is on private property.

Central California ghost hunters share insights about detecting spirits

Photo by Jesse Franz A sign outside of Wolfe Manor warns potential trespassers that the home is on private property.

Photo by Jesse Franz
A sign outside of Wolfe Manor warns potential trespassers that the home is on private property.

Ever wanted to get in touch with your sixth sense to find a world beyond this one?  That is the job of Central California Paranormal Investigators.

The investigators’ goal is to document and verify the existence of ghosts by using digital and analog recordings for proof.

“Every day is different. Every investigation is just awesome,” said Steve Bloem, the lead investigator for CCPI Fresno. “It’s just exciting always looking for new evidence.”

Many times they will pick up EVPs, Electronic Voice Phenomena. This means they pick up what they think to be the voices of those in the afterlife. Bloem describes the voices being that of a whisper and, at times, like nylon rubbing, a sort of shushing sound.

There are also different classes of ghosts based on how audible their voices are. Bloem said that class A is very clear sounding. Some can sound “metallic,” he said, and class Cs are very difficult to understand.

Jackie Harris, clairvoyant medium for spirit investigation, said she sees an image of the ghost’s physical form.

“So my job is to hear the spirit with my ears, or to feel the spirit, or see the spirit with my eyes,” she said. “So, I’m like the bloodhound or the watchdog for the team so they can, kind of, point them in the right direction.”

Bloem said that he feels the spirits’ presence, too, and that it is like a meditation. He said one can gain and train that sixth sense.

Jackie Meador, CCPI’s founder and director, said that there is a process to becoming a paranormal investigator.  She said that those interested can take classes and be mentored by an investigator. Meador teaches basic and intermediate ghost hunting courses.

There is a certain way that an investigator must act and they must know what to look for, she said. You cannot whisper, you shouldn’t go alone and you have to get permission to inspect a location.

She is in favor of a balance between the metaphysical and scientific aspects of ghost investigation. Meador said Harris’ psychic abilities can really benefit her research. Harris will come to the scene not knowing the history of the past inhabitants of the home. If she comes up with the correct name of an individual that used to live there, the investigators know they’re on the right track, Meador said.

Harris said that CCPI is different from other organizations because Meador is really “hard on her evidence.”

“She does hard research and I think that’s the component that’s missing from a lot of the investigations,” she said.

The most haunted place they have come across is the Sierra Sky Ranch in Oakhurst. Meador said there are at least seven spirits they have identified at the ranch. They know the ghosts’ names. Meador said the seven spirits are “just consistent.” She said when she takes her classes there, she knows they will get something every time.

Another instance that Bloem recalls was the EVP of a woman at 2 a.m. near a piano. The ghost woman said, “Are you waiting for an airplane?”

The owner of the home told Bloem that there was never an airport in Oakhurst.  Two years after the voice recording, Bloem found out that though there was no airport, but there was a plane runway there.

“To me, I get chills just thinking about it, because that, kind of, is a proof that EVP is real,” he said.

The kinds of people who request CCPI’s services are a diverse bunch “from all different backgrounds.”

“It’s retired people, it’s young people, it’s people who never even thought about ghosts before, and people who are very religious, and non-believers who got stuff going on,” Bloem said.

“And they become a believer,” he added.

The investigations are free, according to Meador, because these ghost hunters want the research for their paranormal stories. They conclude with a full report for the client. Harris also offers to do a cleansing to get unwanted spirits to leave.

CCPI puts on guided ghost tours. There will be a tour in Old Town Clovis this weekend. Reservations for this event are closed, but to save a spot for future events, email ccpifresno@aol.com.

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