Apr 23, 2019
Darlene Wendels / The Collegian

‘Bike barns’ aim to reduce theft

Darlene Wendels / The Collegian

Darlene Wendels / The Collegian

The installation of three gated bicycle areas is set for completion in late September, a measure the university hopes will help curb bike thefts on campus.

The three “bike barns” are located across Fresno State: one location near the Student Recreation Center, another on the east end of the Professional Human Services Building and a third in the University Courtyard.

Thomas Gaffery, Fresno State’s parking and transportation manager, said the new bike barns will provide a safe place to leave bicycles in some of the school’s most frequently visited areas.

“A lot of these [bike thefts] are crimes of opportunity,” he said.

The bike barns are lit at night and will have locking gates after the project is completed.

These gates will have an automatic lock attached that will require student IDs in order to exit the structure. The gate doors are expected to be installed by next week.

Abigail De La Cruz, a Fresno State student, said the new bike barns will help prevent bike theft.

“If just anyone can go in, I don’t think this would work,” she said.

Karla Valdez, a Fresno State student, started parking her bike inside the bike barn near the Student Recreation Center because she said it is convenient.

Gaffery said this convenience is by design. The bike barn locations were chosen based on where students have tended to park their bikes the most.

However, Steven Breuer, a Fresno State graduate student who rides his bicycle to and from class every day, said he thinks “it will be a hassle” using his student ID to access the gated bike parking.

“But it’s more protection for my bike,” Breuer said.

The goal for the bike barns is to help increase protection and peace of mind, Gaffery said. He is excited to see students already parking their bikes in the areas.

Students who notice any strange activity near the bike barns are asked to call the University Police Department at (559) 278-8400.

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