Mar 25, 2019

ASI talks Student Health Center fee, Diversity Cup, veterans and Jesus statue

Associated Students, Inc. discussed veterans involvement with campus revitalization, the Student Health Center increasing its no-show fee, a possible Diversity Cup Award and postponed discussions on Jesus of Nazareth being added to the Peace Garden in Wednesday’s meeting

Preliminary proposed no-show fee increase for The Student Health Center

Tyler Wilson, senator of health and mathematics, said the student health advisory committee is working on a proposal to increase a no-show fee of $5 to $15.

“I’m going to be speaking with the chairwoman of the committee which I serve to get a little more information on that,” Wilson said.

The committee plans to distribute surveys about the proposal to ASI members and students.

The Student Health Center currently charges a no-show fee of $5 for missed appointments without 24 hour notice.

The Inaugural “Diversity Cup” Award

The Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute (CVCHI) launched a new campaign called “Dogs United” to encourage Fresno State faculty, staff and students to attend campus events which promote diversity, such as Black History Month and Amerasia Week events.

Fresno State individuals, clubs and organizations can compete for the inaugural Diversity Cup, which will be awarded to the top three organizations who visit the most events at the 2014 Annual Diversity Conference during teacher consolation days.

Kiranjit Dhanjan, senator of parking and safety, sits on the advisory council for the CVCHI.

Dhanjan said Fresno State students, faculty and administrators can participate individually or in a group with campus clubs, organizations, departments and work units.

Dhanjan said they would have to fill out the reporting sheet located at

Any club or organization hosting an event believed to promote diversity can apply to have a “Dogs United” logo attached to its event flyer.

Veterans Affair

Student veterans on campus and veterans living in the El Dorado Park community are now working together in community revitalization efforts.

ASI President Moses Menchaca gave a special thank you to Shai Van Gelder, secretary of defense and veterans affairs, for working hard to establish a strong relationship among ASI, student veterans and the veterans living in the El Dorado Park community.

Menchaca said the veterans in the El Dorado Park community no longer have an “entitlement state of mind,” and are now looking to be “empowered.”

“The veterans took it upon themselves in that community to do that face-lift,” Menchaca said about a new resource center the veterans helped refurbish.

The veterans in the El Dorado Park community requested assistance from ASI for a new toilet for their new resource center.

Jesus of Nazareth in the Peace Garden?

The ASI Senate postponed a vote to approve a resolution in support of giving recognition to Jesus of Nazareth’s contribution toward peace.

The resolution calls upon the Fresno State administration to erect  a statue of Jesus in the Peace Garden.

The Senate will discuss the resolution at its next meeting March 5.

Neil O’Brien, senator at large, brought up the resolution.

“It has nothing to do with Jesus being a religious figure. It has to do with him being a figure of peace,” O’Brien said.

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