Sep 20, 2019

Campus child care options seek to help campus parents


Sasai, a child enrolled in Fresno State’s child care program, pretends to fly off the Lego balance beam. Katie Eleneke / The Collegian

Fresno State offers enrolled students with children the opportunity for subsidized childcare on campus. It is designed to help parents go to school, study and work.

“We don’t offer a drop in service,” said Dr. Susan Macy, coordinator for the early childhood education program. “People sign up for a whole semester and depending on how many units and when they take those classes can receive certain hours of childcare that meets their needs.”

Macy said the childcare program is not just for class hours.

“We understand that parents need time to study and work,” she said.

Unsubsidized childcare is also available to Fresno State faculty and staff and the Fresno community, Macy said.

“Our daycare center programs are accredited by the National Association of the Education of Young Children,” said Macy. “This accreditation is a very difficult accreditation to receive and maintain. Our childcare program has been accredited since its beginnings.”

Infants and children up to age 12 are cared for in a hands-on learning environment.

Macy said all classes have a masters teacher, a teacher in academic training and assistants.

“We have a very strict screening process. We fingerprint everyone. The program is
highly regulated,” Macy said.

Child care has been offered at Fresno State for more than 30 years due to a high demand of students who need childcare.

Macy said It is really convenient for parents who commute because they can go to school and have their kids nearby.

She said because the child care program is also part of a learning school for masters and graduate students we only use up-to-date technology and state-of-the-art techniques.

“The children here will receive an outstanding preschool experience,” Macy said. “My grandchildren went here.”

Dr. Laura Alamillo, an associate professor at Fresno State, has three children enrolled in the childcare program. Alamillo’s set of twins were enrolled into the program when they were just infants and have been participating for four years.

“The first reason I put them in the program is because I knew I would have access to them,” Alamillo said. “It has been very helpful and is a great program. I could see definite benefits in terms of their interest in school, art and play.”

“My twins only come two days a week, but when they don’t, they want to come,” she said. “They definitely love coming to the center.”

Parents unsure about enrolling their child can arrange to observe the rooms during business hours.

Fresno state has three centers on campus – Campus Children’s Infant or Toddler Center, the Campus Children’s Preschool Center and the Joyce M. Huggins Early Education Center – with open enrollment still available.

Applications for childcare enrollment are located on the Atrium floor in the Kremen School of Education & Human Development.

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