Jun 24, 2019

More than 3,500 denied fall admission

Fresno State will turn down more than 3,000 freshmen and 500 eligible transfer applicants for the fall semester.

The excess of students applying to Fresno State has caused the university to use supplementary standards for admissions. While first-time freshmen from the Fresno State-designated area will be admitted if they simply meet the minimum criteria, those applying from outside the area will be held to tougher standards. Friday was the last day to complete and submit paperwork for admissions, according to admissions and records.

This is the second year in a row that Fresno State has received such a surplus of applications.

Bernard Vinovrski, associate vice president for enrollment, said, “That’s going to be about the same this year as it was last year. Overall there’s going to be a slight increase in enrollment. Dr. Castro was successful in getting an additional 400 FTES (Full-Time Equivalents)  money from the state.”

Increased enrollment at Fresno State has been on President Joseph Castro’s agenda since he’s held the office. In November, Dr. Andrew Hoff, then Fresno State’s interim provost and vice president for academic affairs, said that the campus was looking to add more faculty members to facilitate a boost in enrollment.

“We are currently conducting searches for more than 45 new faculty for the 2014-2015 academic year,” Hoff said. “These will be full-time faculty who will help meet our higher enrollment.  Academic departments and programs will adjust full and part-time faculty loads to cover the increase.”

On average Fresno State will take in 3,200 to 3,300 freshmen, 2,000 transfer students and 800 to 900 new graduate or credential students, Vinovorski said.

He also said Fresno State is heading in the right direction with enrollment coming out of the recession.

For the first time in two years, Fresno State allowed spring transfers. And after a few years of declining fall admissions, for the last two years Fresno State admissions have been up.

However, Vinovorski still thinks there’s much to be done.

“Still we’re turning down 3,000 first-time freshmen. So we don’t have nearly enough money. The only good news about it is that just as we have an obligation to service the students from our area, these 3,000 students that we had turned down were from different parts of the state, so they have a choice of going to their local school,” Vinovrski said.

With Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget, Vinovrski expects good things for enrollment. Funding increases over time could see the college being able to add more students that it now turns away. Furthermore,without the drastic fee increases that occurred during the recessionary years, more students who already attend Fresno State won’t be forced out due to rising costs.

“By allowing us to take more students and not having any fee increases, we’re going to be able to retain more students. So on both sides that’s good for enrollment. It looks pretty positive. For us who have been working here for the last so-many-years, where it was so bad, where everything was being cut. Anyone to say no cuts or slight increases, looks like fantastic news,” Vinovrski said.

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