Gift giving for dummies

The holiday season can be a stressful time for people, especially when it comes to gift shopping, which can add more pressure.

Jessica Garcia, a junior criminology major, said she never knows if people will like the gifts she buys them.

“People have very expensive tastes and are very materialistic and only want name-brand items,” Garcia said.

Ashley Benitez, a senior agricultural business major, agrees that the holiday season can be full of chaos and stress, when it comes to getting the right gift.

“It can be stressful,” Benitez said. “Because people want certain items that are sometimes hard to find. Sometimes you have to go to multiple stores to find them the perfect gift.”

For those who are at a complete loss as to what to get friends and loved ones, several students on campus gave tips and some gift ideas to help find the right gift for that special someone.

Miguel Quevedo, a junior kinesiology major, said he thinks gifts depend on specific time frames.

“A gift choice depends on how long the couple has been together,” Quevedo said. “If it has only been a couple of months, then maybe a necklace or a pair of earrings.

“If the couple has been together for several years, then probably a ring.”

Senior liberal studies major Carmen Lara went the more traditional route when it comes to getting a gift for her boyfriend.

Lara said she would get her boyfriend cologne or a nice watch. She said she would also give him a picture frame, which would have a picture of Lara and him in it.

Chances are that a boyfriend would be into sports. Benitez said sports game tickets or the guy’s favorite football jersey would suffice as Christmas presents.

Senior history major Rogelio Juarez said he would get his girlfriend a pet.

“I would get my girlfriend another puppy,” Juarez said. “So the puppy she has could have a puppy friend.”

For the men out there who are still unsure of what to get their girlfriends, the females made it quite clear.

“Some things I would like are flowers and a special day of planned activities,” Lara said. “Something that is creative and shows they put some thought into the gift.”

“I would like something relevant to my life like a blood pressure cup,” Linda Chu, a nursing student, said. “It’s the thought that counts; that’s all that really matters.”

“For a female, a guy should get her something she has been talking about,” Lara said. “Sometimes girls talk about what they want, so that is a clue of what to get.”

Maybe students aren’t looking for gifts for their “special someone.” Maybe they just need a gift for their friends. Josue Gutierrez, a junior business major, said a good gift to get a male friend would be a gift card.

For a female friend, he said he would make something for her; something that is significant to both of them.

“I would get my female friend a little bear,” Juarez said. “Cause girls like little bears. Girls think little bears are cute.”

He said he would get his guy friend a thank you card, just for “being his bro.”