Apr 23, 2019

Students nominate professors for Talks

Students have until Friday to nominate professors who they believe should speak at the Fresno State Talks lecture series in February.

The lecture series began as a project in the summer of 2012, said University Student Union Productions director Andrew Esguerra.  The idea was put together by the student director of USU Productions and the Director of Student Involvement at the time.

Esguerra said this mostly student-developed series is designed to honor faculty and the university by giving a stage to instructors who best represent discovery, diversity, and distinction.

He said the project is Ted Talks with a twist.

“It was entirely new so we didn’t know what it would look like,” he said.  “We spent many meetings working on the branding, formatting, logistics and basically what we would bring to campus. “

In February, three professors, Dr. Honora Chapman, Dr. T. Hasan Johnson and Dr. Wade Gilbert, took part in the first Fresno State Talks.

For this next edition, Esguerra said they are asking students to nominate inspiring professors that they feel have something to share with the campus community.

“I think this is their chance to recognize a professor that has made an impact on their lives,” Esguerra said.  “This is the professor’s chance to voice their opinion for a wider audience. This is a pretty big way to put a professor in front of the community.”

A poster board set up in the USU has been filled up several times, Esguerra said, with names of professors students feel are inspirational or students should have in a class.

He said it’s important that students are taking the lead in the project to recognize professors for their work.

“We are trying to get the students and professors to have a closer relationship,” he said.  “It’s a valuable honor because students see the efforts of professors and recognize their work.”

After being nominated, a professor must submit a curriculum vitae and an abstract of their lecture topic to be considered by the selection committee.

Students can fill out a nomination form on the website www.fresnostate.edu/fstalks or pick up a nomination form from a folder attached to the poster on the first floor of USU.  Nomination forms can be dropped off at USU Room 306.

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