Students participate in first ‘Hangout’

By | October 17, 2013 | News (2)

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. brothers participate in the annual stomp competition Wednesday afternoon during the Hump Day Hangout festivities. Photo Khlarissa Agee

On Wednesday the Smittcamp Alumni House held its first ever Hump Day Hangouts hosted by Buffalo Wild Wings as part of Homecoming Week.

Blair Smittcamp, granddaughter to Earl and Muriel Smittcamp and the assistant director of student alumni engagement, said the idea for Humpday Hangouts originated from a Geico commercial.

Humpday Hangouts are scheduled to happen once a month in the Smittcamp House.

“Humpday Hangouts is supposed to get students to understand that the house is here for them,” Smittcamp said. “It’s a place where they can hang out and decompress.”

In the past, many students have gone their entire collegiate career not knowing they could enter or use the alumni house, Smittcamp said.

“We want to break the barrier of students thinking it’s not a place where they can come. We want students to utilize the banquet room, library, and meeting rooms.”

Abul Ismail, a Fresno State graduate student, thought the house was only for alumni and didn’t know it was open for sutdents.

“It’s really good to have Hump Day Hangouts,” Ismail said. “It helps with meeting new people. It’s good for connections.”

The Alumni Associaton staff shot a commercial with a real camel on campus to promote the event. The video is currently on YouTube under the name “Fresno State Alumni Association Hump Day Hangouts.”

Smittcamp thought the idea for a video with a camel would get opposed and present roadblocks.

“It was so outlandish, and we didn’t know if we would be able to get a live camel.  We had the Alumni Association, University Advancement, and President Joseph Castro’s support— they wanted to be in our video.”

Jacqui Blasener has been the executive director for the Smittcamp Alumni House for 18 years. She said last year was the first time students were invited to use the Alumni House through a texting campaign, and last spring the Gradfest Cap Decorating Party was held at the house for the first time.

When Blasener first heard of Hump Day Hangout she thought it was a good idea.

“I hope we start a new tradition where students come once a month and have something they can look forward to,” she said.

Asheria Blackford, a Fresno State senior, said she liked the idea of having Humpday Hangout once a month.

“It turned out well enough,” Blackford said. “I’m always a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s a good idea.”

Blasener said she wants students to feel comfortable and welcome that is why we are doing Hump Day Hangouts.

Smittcamp said many organizations, including faculty and staff already utilize the Smittcamp Alumni House.

To plan an event, call the Fresno State Alumni Association at (559)-278-ALUM.

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