CCA brings artists to Fresno

By Matthew Jimenez

The Collegian


Fresno New Music, in collaboration with the Center for Creativity and the Arts, will bring composer and Stanford University associate professor Mark Applebaum to Fresno State to perform for students and the community beginning today.

Dr. Shane T. Moreman, executive director for the Center (CCA), said he is excited to see Applebaum perform because he sees this as a way to draw in a younger crowd.

“When you look at the Fresno Philharmonic, there is no low average age,” Moreman said. “The average age is really high.

“This has the potential to encourage younger people to attend a concert.”

Moreman said CCA inspires creativity, innovation and inspiration through the arts.

He said CCA offers a broad range of programming. It also honors and celebrates different institutions on campus by bringing in guests who inspire innovation and creativity.

Moreman said Applebaum inspires by encouraging people to find their own voice when performing classical music. He said Applebaum wants people to stop being “purists” and to interpret music in their own way.

“I hope students come and see Applebaum,” Moreman said. “This is an opportunity to think different.

“I think that this is the challenge of our generation: to see things differently.”

Nathaniel Musso, a junior music composer major, said he is excited to see Applebaum perform live in concert.

“It’s always exciting to have composers come,” Musso said. “You always learn something new, and I heard he has a very interesting view on composition.”

Moreman said that his role in helping to bring Applebaum to Fresno is to encourage and excite people about it and said he expects 150 people to attend.

Moreman said the lecture and performance are sure to draw in the public and students because they’re relevant and interesting to anyone interested in the arts.

“Music reaches everyone,” Moreman said. “It has a universal appeal.”

Hand in hand with the arts, Moreman said critical thinking is something the younger generations need.

“A large component of critical thinking is creativity,” Moreman said. “Applebaum can spark that creativity.”

Moreman said Applebaum will give a lecture in the Henry Madden Library in Room 2206 at 7 p.m. today.

Applebaum will perform on Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Walhberg Recital Hall, and Moreman said a second performance will take place on Friday at 8 p.m. in the Concert Hall (both halls are located in the Music Building).

General admission tickets are $15, $10 for faculty, staff and seniors, and admissioin is free for students.

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