Sep 20, 2018

DVD drive benefits Children’s Hospital

Fresno State students are trying to bring comfort to patients at Children’s Hospital Central California through movies.

Bulldog Blockbusters seeks to bolster the hospital’s DVD library to make more children’s movies available to patients. The charity drive is already under way and will continue through Oct. 18.

Drop-off boxes for donated movies have been set up in the dean’s office of each college and in the Associated Students Inc. office.
This program was created by Fresno State student Philip Kingsford with support from the Circle K Club and ASI.

“I figured I could do my part and try to get people involved on campus to have a DVD drive on campus,” said Kingsford, a volunteer for the hospital.
Bulldog Blockbusters is accepting new or used movies rated G, PG or PG-13.

“Any kinds of movies that kids would like,” Kingsford said. “Really any kind of classics like Disney movies, because kids really love those.”
Children’s Hospital has a DVD cart that is taken around the hospital every three hours offering patients the opportunity to watch a movie free of charge. However, the selection is limited.

“You have your classics like the Disney cartoons that we all grew up with,” Kingsford said. “There are only maybe one or two copies each. When a kid asks, ‘Oh do you have Cinderella?’ It’s like, ‘Two other people have it right now. We can try to get it to you in a few hours.’”

During his time as a volunteer for the hospital, Kingsford said he’s seen the value many of the kids place in being able to watch movies.

“You can see it in their faces when they get to see a movie they really love. They just forget they’re in the hospital or whatever’s going on with them.”

“The boxes are minimal right now, but we’re hoping to get the word out,” said Candice Amico, ASI executive vice president.”

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