Dec 10, 2018

Dog Dish radio show mixes news and music


The campus radio station offers students a variety of music and other programming.

“Dog Dish”, a radio show at Fresno State, feeds students every Saturday night a mix of music and interviews.

The show is meant to educate and entertain the campus population, said host, Dayana Contreras.

“I don’t like to label it as a talk show,” Contreras said. “It’s more music than it is talk. My goal is to keep it interesting for students.”

Presented by the Associated Students, Inc., the show airs every Saturday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fresno’s 90.7 KFSR FM. The station features major blocks of jazz and “evening eclectic” programming.

Contreras, who is the ASI communications assistant, said “Dog Dish” has a “kind of Top 40 pop-culture feel.”

The show kicked off on Aug. 31 and Contreras has hosted three shows, which included interviews with Fresno State president Dr. Joseph Castro, ASI President Moses Menchaca and Neil O’Brien, ASI Senator for the College of Health and Human Services.

O’Brien was on the show Saturday to discuss the resolution. The resolution calls for all sex offenders to be identified on campus.

Fresno State’s ASI senate meeting will vote on the resolution today.

Contreras’ first show included interviews with Menchaca and Castro. The Fresno Sate president entered the room without fanfare, leaving a headphone-wearing Contreras unaware of his presence, she said.

“He was standing there a few minutes and didn’t tap my shoulder or anything,” Contreras said. “You feel someone is in the room and I looked over and I saw him.”

Once the interview started, she said the comfort level of the conversation calmed the nervous butterflies.

“I forgot we were doing a radio interview,” Contreras said. “It felt like a conversation. He made it a lot easier for me. We talked for at least an hour.”

Keeping the environment light is a goal, she said, and interviews are placed after every five to six songs in “talk breaks.” Contreras said the interview segments are about three minutes each, which makes editing a careful task.

“It’s about picking out what’s most important,” she said. “I talk to the interviewee before to discuss what should be focused on. The past couple of shows I’ve gotten more information than I thought I would.”

Contreras has also promoted events for the Greek system and encourages any student who would like to promote their events to come on the show.

Even if students don’t want to schedule a time to be on the show but want a quick shout-out for their event or club, Contreras said they can contact her and she will relay the information on air.

“Fresno State is really big on pride,” Contreras said. “We wear our colors loud and proud so I want students to know that this is a great way for them to market anything they have going on campus.”

All the topics have to be approved by ASI, Contreras said, to make sure it’s relevant to Fresno State students.

“I’ve gotten feedback on interviews that they’ve been interesting,” she said. “My hope is to push the music. I don’t think people are aware that Dog Dish puts out a different kind of music.”

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