Fresno State eats

From Vietnamese “Pho” soup, to Dog House Grill tri-tip and creamy frozen yogurt, Fresno State students shared their all-time favorite Fresno food stops.

Daniel Dukes, a computer information systems major, said Deli Delicious is one of his top spots to eat. In their menu, the sandwich shop, located across the street from the Save Mart Center, said they serve cold, hot and specialty subs on either white, wheat or sourdough French rolls; customer’s choice.

“I’m a big fan of Deli Delicious, I love going over there,” Dukes said. “It’s one of my favorite places and is right next to where I live, so Deli Delicious is where I want to go.”

Deli Delicious owner Justin Dervishian said the sandwich shop opened about four years ago. He said they incorporate fresh and local produce in their food.

“I think it’s a good product at a fair price,” Dervishian said. “Everything is very fresh, that’s one thing we really focus on, is that our stuff is really fresh and high quality.

“It might be slightly more expensive than other places, but you get what you pay for.”

Dervishian said Deli Delicious is busiest during the school semesters, and he estimated about half of his customers are Fresno State students.

Also near the Save Mart Center, some students said they like to eat at the Fresno State namesake: Dog House Grill.

“I think I go to mostly Dog House, definitely Dog House,” criminology major Richard Gallegos said. “I like their tri-tip sandwiches, and their fries are also really good.

“And it’s right across the street, so it’s very convenient.”

Robyn Verhalen, a chemistry and economics major, said while her and her friends go to Dog House Grill, it is not her first choice. She said she enjoys Japanese Kitchen, which is a short distance from Fresno State off Shaw Avenue.

“My friends and I go to Dog House a lot,” Verhalen said. “I don’t really like Dog House though because it’s too loud.

“Honestly, when we want to get food we go to Japanese Kitchen, but it’s expensive, so we go at lunch, which is from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.”

Karo Haladjian, a business marketing major, said Teriyaki Don is one of his favorite places to eat. The restaurant is located near campus off of Cedar Avenue and Herndon Avenue.

“I love Teriyaki Don,” Haladjian said. “The thing I get most there, pretty much every time, would be the chicken and steak teriyaki bowl.

“It’s really good…Every time I’ve been there it’s been pretty packed and crowded.”

Kara Sidorowicz, a graduate student studying psychology, said she has trouble finding eateries around campus that are on the healthier side. She said she likes to go to Wahoo’s Fish Taco off of North Palm Avenue.

“I haven’t found a lot of restaurants around Fresno that I like that much, to be honest,” Sidorowicz said. “Having moved from out of state, the food around here is really greasy, so I find myself having to special order everywhere almost, unless it’s a sandwich shop.”

Though not very close to campus, Dukes also said he and his friends like to go to Pho restaurants, which serve Vietnamese noodle soup.

“There is actually one that’s owned by a past Fresno State student,” Dukes said. “It’s called Pho King #1.

“It’s in downtown Fresno near the Fresno fairgrounds.”

Verhalen also said her and her friends enjoy frozen yogurt, but that there are no yogurt shops close to campus.

“We go to one called Chosen [Frozen Yogurt] a lot,” Verhalen said. “But it’s on Shepherd [Avenue], so it’s far away.”

With Campus Pointe set to break ground next to the Save Mart Center off of Shaw Avenue this year, students may be adding more restaurants to their lists of favorite eateries.