When it comes to summer, Fresno State students choose comfort over high fashion

By: Stephanie Lopez

Comfort over couture rules the day at Fresno State as students handle their busy schedules under the hot, summer sun.

Nancy Hang, vice president of Fashion Inc., an on-campus club aimed at promoting the fashion merchandising program at Fresno State, said one of the biggest trends she sees on campus is the athletic trend, worn by male and female students.

It comes as no surprise to Yer Yang, Fashion Inc. historian and business management major, that fellow students have chosen comfort over fashion on sweltering summer days.

“Wearing comfortable clothes on campus is the fashion around school right now,” Yang said.

Although the athletic trend is popular right now, there are other trends that Hang and Yang have noticed on campus.  Maxi skirts and dresses, a particular favorite of Hang, have been popular. They also said the use of bright colors and prints, especially printed denim, are in fashion.

“Everyone has their own sense of style,” Hang said. “It’s just about finding what is comfortable for you and what you look good in.”

Nail art blogger Victoria Conchas, a social work major at Fresno State, said that although she hasn’t noticed much fashion, she noticed more girls incorporating nail art into their everyday looks.

“I think what makes nail art fashionable is really up to the wearer,” Conchas said.  “Nails are about making yourself feel good. If I’m happy with my nails, I’m happy with myself.”

Conchas also said that during her busy school schedule, spending a short amount of time painting her nails helps energize and boosts her mood.

“I might be frustrated with my assignments and studying, but I look down at my nails and I’m happy,” Conchas said.

Jacqueline Guzman, a fashion merchandising major at Fresno State, said having fun and being happy is what fashion is ultimately all about.

“I think you can make an outfit great by the attitude you have when wearing clothes,” Guzman said. “If you say, ‘Wow I look fierce in this outfit,’ well, you’re going to show that attitude. But if you say, ‘I look horrendous in this outfit,’ then the entire day you’re going to feel ugly. It all depends on the attitude you have of yourself.”

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