Feb 23, 2019

ASI: Resolution to disclose sex offender IDs


Senators Daniel L. Ward (left) and Justin Whisten speak at the first ASI meeting of the semester Wednesday Khlarissa Agee/The Collegian

A resolution submitted for consideration to Fresno State’s Associated Students, Inc. called for all sex offenders to be identified on campus.

Neil O’Brien, the senator for the college of health and human services, said Wednesday at the first ASI meeting of the semester that the goal of his resolution is to bring full awareness to students on the campus’ safety. O’Brien said he wants the campus police department to institute a policy of full disclosure of information about students or staff who are registered sex offenders.

“Disclosing the information of registered sex offenders is something the students have the right and ought to know about,” O’Brien said.

This resolution, O’Brien said, is controversial because it might adversely affect the image of certain campuses in California.

“This is a difficult decision to have because we’re talking about the university image,” he said. “To me, it’s about principles. We want to disclose this information because it’s the truth, it’s the right thing to do and it affects the safety.”

O’Brien said he is not only concerned for Fresno State students, but also for the children in daycare on campus and the University High School students.
“How many sex offenders are we going to allow on campus? There’s a significant reason to do this,” O’Brien said.

The resolution will be reviewed by the ASI legislative committee at the next meeting on Sept. 11.

Homecoming Rally

A pep rally will wrap up homecoming week on Oct. 19. ASI President Moses Menchaca announced that the theme for this semester is, “Throwback.” It is based off themes from the 1980s and 1990s.

Menchaca said multiple organizations on campus are involved in planning homecoming week.

ASI plans to budget $10,000 to invite rapper Anthony “Tone Loc” Terrell Smith, known for his singles “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina,” as the performing artist, said vice president of financial affairs Rebecca Rosengarten said. The committee requested about $22,600 from the reserve fund to cover expenses for the week-long event.

“We have to pay someone to bring out the stage, lights, electricity,” Rosengarten said. “That’s why we budgeted high. We’re hoping to do this at the [Fresno State] Amphitheater, where there’s a stage if they let us, or possibly another stage. So that’s a very high rough estimate, but that’s the max amount we’ll most likely be spending.”

Greek Concerns

Jason Oh, senator of greek affairs and also a member of Sigma Chi, said there is support for the decision to postpone “Rush Week” until Sept. 23, but some people worried it will do more harm than good.

Oh said the decision to give new students time to adjust to college life and learn more about fraternities and sororities might cause excess drinking to make up for lost time.

Also, he said Greek fraternities believe that business fraternities were not given the same treatment. He said during his fraternity meeting on Monday, the question of double standards was brought up.

To get answers for his question, Oh said he plans to bring this issue to Dr. Paul Oliaro, vice president of student affairs.

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