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By | April 18, 2013 | News (2)

On Monday afternoon, two bombs went off at the 116th annual Boston Marathon.

According to the Associated Press three people died and more than 140 were injured. 

Injuries ranged from shrapnel wounds to the amputations of limbs. The two bombs that went off inside garbage cans.

Boston is thousands of miles from Fresno State, but kinesiology professor Amy Brogan witnessed the events at the marathon. She was running for a second consecutive year.

Having finished the race before the explosion, Brogan said she was walking to meet with her husband. As they stood together among other runners and spectators, they heard a loud explosion down the street.

Brogan said a Boston native standing nearby casually said the sound was “just the subway.”

After a few minutes, the atmosphere changed.

“We could just tell something was going on,” Brogan said. “We didn’t really know what happened.”

Someone had told them a crane collapsed, another person said an electric explosion had occurred; still another said the sound was part of police drills. As they walked toward their hotel, they found out the explosion came from a bomb explosion.

Brogan said people began moving up the street — some were crying. Massachusetts’ General Hospital was near the Brogans’ hotel. There were many people walking toward the building.

NBC Sports tweeted that many runners who had finished the race before the bombs went off were walking into the hospital to give blood.

When Brogan got back to her hotel room, her husband went out to get dinner. She said he texted her as he walked from the hotel. His message said a large group of law enforcement officers were patrolling the area, checking all the trash cans and other containers for questionable materials.

Brogan said she after the initial shock, she said she thought of the juxtaposition of the marathon and the devastating bombing.

“It’s this huge celebration,” she said. “Then to see these pictures of devastation, where people should be celebrating.”

Brogan said she planned to make this her last run at Boston. However, she is reconsidering that plan, after seeing the heartbreak and later the resolve of the runners, spectators and the people of Boston.


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