Alum discovers Fresno’s gem through blog

Video by Michael Price / Story by Cameron Woolsey

Fresno State alumna Veronica Stumpf has found a new hobby: blogging about the businesses and sights of Fresno.

Stumpf, a 21-year-old economics graduate, began That Fresno Blog in summer 2011 after she graduated.

“I have this bad habit of keeping myself busy, and I figured the blog would be a good way to keep myself busy as well as a good way to push myself to be more outgoing and to discover Fresno,” she said.

Originally from North Fresno, Stumpf’s venture out into the urban wilderness has yielded new experiences.

“It has led to a lot of discoveries,” she said. “It has led to me meeting a lot of people. I never knew people would have recognized me, nor did I ever know I would be so involved with downtown – so interested in it.”

Before, Stumpf typically only visited downtown Fresno for ArtHop. Her drive to discover the city has made noticeable personal changes.

“It’s made a big impact because I have made so many new friends,” she said. “I’m actually a lot more outgoing. I’m more sociable, so that alone – I like that; it’s good.”

One of the first stories she wrote detailed her visit to the Fulton Mall on a quiet Sunday.

In another early blog post, Stumpf said she and a friend interviewed homeless people.

Stumpf said she gets ideas for stories from paying attention to social media, as well as simply keeping her ears open.

“I think the biggest success in marketing is word-of-mouth in Fresno,” she said. “That’s how I learn about businesses in downtown or in Fresno in general.”

Stumpf says that people who believe that Fresno is not worth exploring, have yet to discover its many gems.

“If you think that Fresno is boring, that there’s nothing to do here, just go to places like Fresno Brewing Company, and you’ll realize it’s a fun place,” she said.


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17 Responses to Alum discovers Fresno’s gem through blog

  1. Scott says:

    Found this while searching for Fresno. I miss it! That Fresno Blog is awesome, thanks! Congratulations.

  2. Who says Fresno is a boring place? It’s a fun place you know. It has diverse culture and you can go to a lot of places to see sights and attractions. Good blog by the way.

  3. Ambika says:

    I have been at Fresno once, sent by my company, and i personally fell it was a nice place, with blissful areas to visit. Though i am an Indian, i have taken tours to various parts of the world, to me no part is boring or bad, things are just different place to place. Having said that a nice blog, really made me remember my days in Fresno with my Sister and her family(settled in Fresno)

  4. Sergen says:

    Excellent post,Thanks for your guide.

  5. The place is worth visiting, interesting people and culture.

  6. Chungnv says:

    Good blog by the way.

  7. Pesan sepatu says:

    I miss it! That Fresno Blog is awesome, thanks!

  8. I was in Fresno two years ago. Very nice place. I would like visit Fresno again. Very nice people.

  9. Fresno is a beautifull and fun place. I love it!
    Good blog by the way.


  10. Glad to visiting your site. Great article and good website.

  11. Grant Born says:

    “If you think that Fresno is boring, that there’s nothing to do here, just go to places like Fresno Brewing Company.” I would indeed concur with that statement!

  12. Dewa says:

    I miss it too! That Fresno Blog is awesome, thanks!

  13. Jon Weitz says:

    The Fresno blog is always entertaining! Keep up the great work!

  14. Brian says:

    The artical was great, I learened a lot from it. Looking forward to more of your articals.

  15. I think this is good idea migh be.. but I have to visit Fresno first. after might do same project for Marmaris, why not :)

  16. Ern says:

    Put up a blog to keep yourself busy. Great idea.

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